‘Want To Empower People Through Dance,’ – Shiamak Davar
‘Want To Empower People Through Dance,’ – Shiamak Davar

In conversation with the dance maestro on the occasion of International Dance Day

The taboo around taking up performing arts as a serious career option has slowly and gradually decayed with the help of reality shows and more. When it comes to the popular contemporary jazz and western forms, the role of gurus like Shimak Davar has proven especially catalytic in this process.


The choreographer is considered responsible for modernising India’s dance scene, especially in the film and theatre industries, and is respected for his ever-evolving ‘Shiamak Style’ of dance. On the occasion of International Dance Day today, he told us about how he feels responsible to help uplift people through dance.


“Meeting Mrs Khorshed Bhavnagri was a life changing experience because it is through her book ‘The Laws of the Spirit World’ that I realised my mission to empower people through dance and the performing arts,” the 55-year-old told us.


Speaking about how honesty plays a pivotal role in success, he said, “You need to be honest to yourself and be the best at the art form that you pursue. Appreciation and interest will come on its own,” an added, “People like to see and do things that are new and original. You wouldn’t then need to go out of your way to make things happen. I believe that word of mouth is the most powerful medium.”


He also talks about how ‘you find soul contentment only when you follow your passion’. “That the greatest joy comes from sharing your talent and helping others find themselves through it. That there is no substitute for hard work and that struggles make you stronger,” said Shiamak.


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