Women Who Bore The Brunt Of Their Partners' Haters
Women Who Bore The Brunt Of Their Partners’ Haters

After Evan Spiegel’s “poor India” comment, Miranda Kerr was barraged with hate mails on her social media account.

Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, definitely got on to Indians’ nerves after his comment about not wishing to expand his business into “poor countries like India and Spain”. 


This was followed by a massive backlash against the CEO where people took to social media to vent out their anger, along with uninstalling Snapchat from their phones. But this wasn’t enough. A lot of angry users also trolled Miranda Kerr, his fiancée, for reasons best known to them. She was barraged with hate mails on her Instagram account where most users left rude comments and also asked her educate her fiancée.


We aren’t saying their anger isn’t valid; yes, it’s a racist statement which offended most users. But what is really surprising is the number of times women get to face the backlash, even if they have nothing to do with the controversy.


Blaming Miranda Kerr for her fiancée’s comment is really uncalled for, and this move definitely reeks of misogyny, sexism and the utter disregard and disrespect for women in the society. But this isn’t an isolated case where a woman receives nasty abuses, and is threatened left, right and centre for something she may have very little to do with. There are a number of women who have faced the brunt of their partners’ haters. Here’s taking a look at a few.


Anushka Sharma



Virat Kohli recently put up a display picture of him and Anushka Sharma on a social media platform and everyone went gaga over their undying love for each other. But this wasn’t the case a few years back when Indian cricket fans used the foulest of language for the actress, especially when she used to attend his matches. Some superstitious Indians even believed that her presence (to cheer for her boyfriend) during the matches was one of the main reasons why India lost. Some also believed that the nation owned Virat and that he cannot really have a personal life apart from cricket. Which shows how most of us aren’t really rooted to reality. 



Melania Trump



She’s been famously trolled and abused simply because she is Donald Trump’s wife. So whether it was receiving a lot of flak and hatred for her plagiarized speech (which was, of course, written by a speechwriter) or the growing number of designers refusing to work with her for her inauguration ensemble, targeting Melania is easier for people, because well, she’s a woman and women are the weaker sex, right?



Sania Mirza



A lot of nationalists could not believe Sania Mirza chose a Pakistani as a life partner. And their hatred is always evident with the kind of trolling she faces online, especially during cricket matches between India and Pakistan.



Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky





While Hillary Clinton was grappling with Bill Clinton’s infidelity (which unfortunately played out in public), she became the butt of jokes with people blaming her for not keeping her husband happy. And of course, Monica Lewinsky was slut-shamed worldwide and she still faces America’s hatred for the heinous crime she committed. No, she didn’t murder anyone or rob a bank; she fell in love, that was her crime (which is actually very natural, if you aren’t a robot, but a human being).


Which makes us believe that we’re living in a strange, strange world.  



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