Playboy Makes Its Mark In India
Playboy Makes Its Mark In India

Mumbai’s Playboy Club is the latest opening in PB Lifestyle Limited’s plans to take the brand across the country.


PB Lifestyle Limited’s chairman, Parag Sanghvi, and partner Sachiin Joshi are busy men. They’ve already successfully launched Playboy Clubs in Hyderabad and recently in Mumbai, Playboy Beer Gardens in Hyderabad and Pune and a Playboy Café in Gurgaon. But the duo won’t rest on their laurels just yet. They have plans for a whopping 31 outlets, across formats. In an email interaction, Sanghvi discusses the popularity of the existing outlets, the brand new club in Mumbai and why they are keen to rapidly take the Playboy brand to other cities too.


What makes this a good time to expand the Playboy brand in India?


The organized F&B market in India has been growing at a consistent CAGR of around 23 per cent. There has always been a demand for the high-end, luxurious, yet affordable distinctive formats offered by us – Luxury Clubs, Playboy Beer Gardens (Microbreweries) and Playboy Cafés with and without alcohol offerings. Collectively, we have addressed across demographic segments with price points and other deliverables suitable for our clientele. The Gen X & Y in India (50 per cent of India’s population is below the age of 25 years) identify with our motto of ‘Value for Money’. With our innovative programming, unique F&B oerings and ultra-chic décor, we are setting benchmarks for the industry. We are therefore more than convinced that the time is right for our expansion across India.





What has the response been like for existing outlets?


Currently, we have two outlets in Hyderabad – Playboy Club (Novotel Hotel, High Tech City) and the recently opened Playboy Beer Garden in Jubilee Hills. The Gurgaon outlet is the Playboy Café (serving alcoholic beverages). Both have received a phenomenal response and are well appreciated by our patrons. Our first Playboy Beer Garden was launched in Pune, and is incidentally the first Playboy Beer Garden in the world. People across demographics have visited us and consistently given us very high rankings. Each of these propositions is conceptually unique.


Tell us about the flagship club that has just opened in Mumbai.


It is India’s first true super-club, the most sought after destination for the city’s poseurs and hobnobbers. The Playboy Club in Mumbai occupies 8,000 square feet of prime real estate in the heart of the city, in Worli. It is designed in an avant-garde style, with the latest sound, light and A/V, the most unique in the country. The technology is at par with the best super-clubs globally. The format has a reserved area for our exclusive members, oering a plethora of value-added services, including worldwide concierge services. The space is uber-luxurious, with no expense spared, ensuring a clubbing experience at par with New York, London, Miami, Las Vegas or Ibiza’s most exclusive clubs.


An 46-foot high ceiling, combined with the world-famous Outline Butterfly line array sound system and spectacular state-of-the-art LED HD screens ensures a mind-boggling experience. The 15 foot wide, kingsized DJ booth surrounded by LED HD screens, combined with state-of-the- art LED technology, CO2 effect cannons and other advanced tech components add to the surreal eect. The advanced LED Pixel centerpiece rig creates never-before-seen visual effects, including an out-of-this-world UFO effect. Of course, the latest in programming (DJs, acts), unique F&B menu and world-class service provides our patrons and members an unforgettable experience.



What are your plans when it comes to retailing Playboy merchandise?


Our exclusive license from Playboy USA allows us to retail Playboy merchandise across our outlets. We have initiated the first phase, wherein innovative Playboy merchandise is on offer at our outlets of Playboy Beer Gardens and Playboy Cafés. In the second phase, we will expand into hotels and other modes.


Where will the remaining 31 outlets come up? What is the expected time frame for these launches?


As mentioned earlier, Playboy India has identified three basic formats – Playboy Clubs, Playboy Cafés and Playboy Beer Gardens. We are currently operational in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and NCR. We have finalized and would soon be operational in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and New Delhi. In addition, work is in progress in Bengaluru, where we will open The Playboy Mansion. It is located in Indiranagar, on 100 Feet Road. The space is approximately 30,000 square feet and would include a Playboy Beer Garden, fine dining, a poker room and terrace café on various levels. We are negotiating locational deals in other cities and would have over 31 outlets operational by 2019. 

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