Pornhub wants to shoot a sex tape in space
Pornhub wants to shoot a sex tape in space

They also want you to pay for it

In the last couple of days, we’ve witnessed a minor-to-middling kerfuffle on the interwebs, about Monica Dogra and her efforts to raise a bucketload of cash for a ‘high art’ video she wants to shoot in support of the LGBT movement. It’s all rather silly, really – some people are annoyed because they think she’s being pretentious, and she’s hurt because she’s like ‘Haters’. For a rather well-written takedown, refer this link. Many items of underclothing clearly went into conniptions over this project, but honestly, we’d rather get our own knickers in a twist about what Pornhub is attempting to do – shoot a sex video in space and crowdsource the money for it.


The Indiegogo project, titled “Pornhub Space Program – SEXPLORATION” aims to raise $3.4 million, and has so far hit $234,035. Let’s face it – the whole thing is about getting a couple of porn stars to go at it in space, but Pornhub is attempting to inject a little seriousness into the proceedings by comparing themselves to “great minds” and “brave souls” like Christopher Columbus, Da Vinci, Edison and Galileo, all of whom no doubt invented innovative ways to get jiggy in their time. The Indiegogo page has this to say about the project, among other things: “Pornhub is teaming up with top ranking adult studio Digital Playground in joining the ranks of Armstrong and Gagarin by pioneering a one of a kind mission to defy gravity, make history, and push the boundaries of intergalactic “Sexploration” by filming the first ever sextape in space. In doing so, we will not only be changing the face of the adult industry, we will also be chronicling how a core component of human life operates while in orbit.” The couple attempting to bump uglies in zero gravity will be porn stars Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins, and for your generously donated money, you will receive various rewards – $1 gets you a certificate of endorsement, $100 gets you a Pornhub swag bag, $1000 gets you a phone call from either of the stars plus a swag bag, $20,000 allows you to write a scene for the film and $150,000 will snag you one of the space suits worn by the actors (there are plenty of other gifts, for amounts in between). For the full lowdown on this commendable attempt, check out the Indiegogo page

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