Problems Sex Is A Solution For


If you think spending time between the sheets is just about orgasms, you’re wrong. Sex not only feels good, but also has the power to unleash a number of benefits for your mind, body and general well-being. From curing migraines to boosting self confidence, here are some problems sex is a solution for.


If you have a headache


Suffering from migraine or that awful headache? Well, according to research, sexual activity leads to partial and in several cases, complete relief from migraines. Yes people, making love is more effective than taking painkillers in most cases, so you know what to do.


To combat depression or anxiety issues


Feeling a little low lately? Sex has the ability to cure mild depression by releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, which means, making love can get you into an elevated mood instantly.


For better skin


All those worried about ageing and are on the hunt for those expensive moisturizers, you should have sex instead. This is because sex increases DHEA, which is a hormone secreted by the adrenalin gland that helps give skin a more youthful appearance.


For those who’re battling weight issues


Going to the gym is not the only way to lose that extra bit of flab. If you notice, sex includes a lot of flexibility and light cardio and it definitely counts. So go get busy.


Increases self confidence


Having sex not only helps boost your confidence, but it also helps you develop a better and a positive attitude towards the self.


Sexually active people take fewer sick leaves


Well, it is proven that people who have more sex are better able to defend their bodies against germs and viruses. 

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