Replacement Children
Replacement Children

BBC has announced the Top Gear trio that will replace the trinity

The British Broadcasting Corporation has finally announced the “dream team” that is set to replace former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. The future of the hit automotive series remained uncertain following the dismissal of popular TV presenter Clarkson after he reportedly punched one of the show’s producers following a row over catering.


Clarkson, who has been a fairly controversial figure for the BBC, had received several warnings due to his larger than life antics, before the BBC decided to let him go at the end of March, 2015. This decision was followed by a period of uncertainty following which the other presenters James May and Richard Hammond displayed their support for Clarkson and showed no desire to continue working on the show without him.


It appears that after much consideration the Beebs has revealed the trio that is (*cough* set for slaughter ) to replace the icons who made the show. The “winners” are, former model and TV personality Jodie Kidd, Isle of Man TT champ Guy Martin and Channel 4 presenter Philip Glenister. Kidd was also one of the popular choices in a poll recently held by the Telegraph UK. She has also refused to comment on the situation but it is evident that the BBC is desperate to get the show back on the road.


With May and Hammond refusing to sign contracts, it was co-creator Andy Wilman’s turn to resign. Wilman has been a childhood friend of Clarkson and one of the longest and most influential associates of the show. It is uncertain whether the four will work together in the future but suffice to say that anyone who tries to replace them, really needs the money.

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