Royals Who Gave Up Their Titles To Be With The Ones They Love
Royals Who Gave Up Their Titles To Be With The Ones They Love

As John Keats said: “More happy love! more happy, happy love!”

The 26-year-old Princess Mako of Japan stunned everyone when she announced that she would be marrying Kei Komuro, a law school graduate. This means that Mako will have to give up her royal title, a sacrifice that she seems to be willing to make.


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For most people, possessing a royal title would be something to die for but it is indeed true what they say – love makes us do all sorts of things. Take Thailand’s Ubolratana Rajakanya for example. The eldest daughter of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit, Ubolratana married an American citizen, reports Economic Times. Presumably, she had to give up her title and even when she came back to her nation after her divorce, she is only referred to as Tunkramom Ying which means ‘daughter of Queen Regent’.


Then, of course, there was King Carol II of Romania. The royal was fond of his parties and alcohol and had a rampant affair with a certain Elena Lupescu. Naturally, this was a huge scandal especially because the King was a married man. Faced with massive opposition, Carol abdicated the throne and moved to Paris with Lupescu.

And then there is the famous story of Edward VIII and his love for Wallis Simpson. In the year 1936, Edward announced his love for Simpson but was informed by the Church of England that such a marriage would not be recognised by them as Simpson was a divorced woman. Instead of letting his love go, Edward famously gave up the throne and married Wallis Simpson.

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