Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years imprisonment

Bollywood star faces five years imprisonment after being pronounced guilty of culpable homicide

Bollywood mega-star Salman Khan has just been sentenced to five years imprisonment. After being found guilty on all charges in the notorious hit-and-run case from 2002. The case, which has been drawn out over a period of 13 years finally draws to a close as the Mumbai High Court finds Salman guilty on eight separate counts including culpable homicide not amounting to murder, rash driving, drunken driving etc.


The court Judge DW Deshpande shot down Khan’s claims that it was his driver Ashok Singh behind the wheel and stated clearly that it was Khan who was driving the white Land Cruiser before the vehicle went over five people sleeping on the pavement outside a bakery in Mumbai, killing one of them.


His driver also faces charges of perjury for standing in the court and corroborating Khan’s story. Members from the film industry have all expressed their support for the A-list star, while the defence is desperately trying to cut down his potential jail term citing the Nanda BMW hit-and-run case and it’s reduced jail sentence of 2 years. The defence is also stating that Khan suffers from trigeminal neuralgia – a facial nerve disorder which sources reveal Khan has had for the last seven years. Khan is to head to Arthur Road jail immediately. He is entitled to apply for bail to the Bombay High Court.



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