Revelations Of A Life Past: Sanjay Khan's 'The Best Mistakes of My Life'
Revelations Of A Life Past: Sanjay Khan’s ‘The Best Mistakes of My Life’

The veteran actor details a lot about his life but sort of skims over the much-talked-about 1980 incident with Zeenat Aman

“My life has been a giant explosion: very exciting and vibrant. Even as a child, I sensed there was something special about me, but I could have never anticipated the adulation, the fame, the fortune I’d earn,” veteran actor Sanjay Khan told Jamal Shaikh during an interview for the Hindustan Times.


The actor, father to Zayed Khan and Suzanne Khan and best known for his role in films like Ek Phool Do Mali, Mela and Dus Lakh, recently released a book which is provocatively titled The Best Mistakes of My Life. The book encompasses a range of issues including his relationship with co-stars and the drama around his family and work.

He’s also revealed quite a bit about the massive fire accident that occurred on the sets of Tipu Sultan and the 2003 helicopter crash.

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During an interview with HT, while discussing his book, the actor also revealed that he wishes that his daughter and Hrithik Roshan get back together. “I love Hrithik still and I love my daughter. They must have their reasons. Fine. But the good part is, they’re still very good friends. And the children don’t feel the negative impact of their separation because of the combined efforts of both to keep it working. They holiday together, they take care of the children from time to time, babysitting and stuff… When people say that Hrithik is no longer my son-in-law, I say I have a relationship with him: he is the father of my grandchildren, and that can never be erased! So… umm…. I still hope they get back together … That’s it,” he said.


The Quint also reports that while Khan doesn’t openly discuss the infamous incident with Zeenat Aman that allegedly took place in 1980, he states that he had thought about making a film with Aman following Abdullah and goes on to create parallel episodes where a prince and princess part ways.

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“In the years since, I’ve often wondered what the ending might be in a more realistic, contemporary story – a film I might make now. Would the princess really watch her prince gallop away and leave her life forever? Would not such a character, who clearly likes to get her own way, want some kind of revenge? In this ‘new’ film, I imagine the princess pursues the prince who has moved on with his life, and has a new love interest. However, he still cares for her and doesn’t want to hurt her,” he writes, according to The Quint. He goes on to add how the princess repeatedly tries to seduce the prince and when she fails, she turns up uninvited at a dinner party hosted by the prince.


“She is upset and announces for all the world to hear that he has treated her badly. The prince tries to calm her down, but she is unrelenting. He is stunned and outraged. He retrains himself; the princess rushes out and disappears from his life forever,” he writes and adds: “Scene 6: The press has a field day. ‘A prince and a princess in a violent altercation in a posh hotel!’ They add all manner of embellishments to the story in an attempt to destroy the prince’s name.”

This could naturally be a reference to the 1980 report in Cine Blitz which detailed how Khan had allegedly thrashed Zeenat and had been aided in this endeavour by his wife.

“He did not give Zeenat a second to speak. He exhausted the vocabulary of smut on her. He used the most vulgar of abuse, called her a whore, a bitch. Accused her of sleeping (to put it mildly) with his brother Feroz Khan amongst several other men. If he had just slapped her hard a few times, one could have excused him. But what followed was one of the most brutal bash-ups any hotel staff could have witnessed. He hit her. She fell, he lifted her by her hair and hit her again. And again and again,” the Cine Blitz report stated, according to The Quint.

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