Scott Eastwood is the new face of Davidoff Cool Water
Scott Eastwood is the new face of Davidoff Cool Water

Son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood endorses the iconic perfume brand

Actor and marine enthusiast Scott Eastwood is the official face of Davidoff Cool Water. The iconic brand of perfume debuted in 1988, capturing the essence of the ocean in a sleek blue bottle.


Appropriately enough, the iconic shade matches the trademark Eastwood blue found in the 29 year-old actor’s eyes. Eastwood is an up-and-coming actor who will soon be seen in the upcoming movie ‘The Longest Ride’. The movie is based on the works of writer Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook). Eastwood is also currently working on an as-yet untitled film based on the life of Edward Snowden.



What makes Scott a fitting candidate for the perfume isn’t just his ancestry and his career choice. As a kid who grew between the coasts of California and Hawaii, Eastwood is perfectly at ease with the waves. He’s also very passionate about marine conservation and supports Davidoff’s Love the Ocean campaign that collaborates with National Geographic Society in an attempt to protect 10% of the ocean by 2020.

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