Selfie Martyrs

Russians lead the world in selfie related accidents and deaths. And the reasons are not far to seek

Anna Krupeynikova, a 21-year old Russian woman died yesterday after falling off  a bridge in Moscow  while taking a selfie. The Russians apparently cannot have enough of the selfie, and are prepared to go to any length in their quest for the perfect shot of themselves, even at the risk of fatal accidents.  According to the Associated Press, more than 10 people have been killed  and over a 100 have been injured in selfie related accidents, including people posing with hand grenades and loaded guns.


It is  then not  surprising that Moscow authorities  have now put up posters to warn people about the danger of taking selfies in unusual places. If not anything else, the posters are an indication of where the Russians have been taking selfies — in front of moving trains, on road dividers with cars behind them, on power pylons, on the edge of  boats,   on house roofs while leaning on TV antenna,  while crossing tracks in front of moving trains, while climbing stairs, in front of wild animals, leaning out of moving cars, etc. “Your health and your life are worth more than a million likes on social networks,” advises the poster.



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