Signs It’s Over: 5 Relationship Red Flags You Need To Know About
Signs It’s Over: 5 Relationship Red Flags You Need To Know About

Signs your relationship is inching closer to its end.

Is your relationship falling apart and you don’t know it yet? Are you experiencing a prolonged state of unhappiness in your love life? If you’ve begun asking yourself these questions, then it’s time to read about these signs that will help you decipher whether your relationship is inching closer to its end or not. Take a look.


Communication gap


When communication gap creeps into a relationship, then it may be the beginning of the end.


You’re off sex


A healthy sex life is an intrinsic part of every relationship. And if your bedroom time has become dull and repetitive, then it’s time to rethink. Try new sex positions if you wish to work it out and also try to introduce some sex toys into the mix to spice it up.


Your eyes start wandering


Have you begun to check out other women lately? Does she keep talking about this one new colleague at office? Usually, when you’re at the peak of a relationship, you have eyes only for each other but if this doesn’t happen anymore and you can’t help falling for someone else, then your relationship is definitely at the brink of a breakdown.



You start craving for space and privacy


If your girlfriend has suddenly started giving a lot of weightage to space and privacy, consider this a red flag.  


You pick fights with each other


A little banter is healthy for a relationship but have you noticed constant bickering these days? If the small things didn’t bother her initially but are now intolerable, then it’s a telltale sign.


The future’s uncertain


If spending quality time with each other is not your goal anymore (unless there’s a lot of work pressure) and there is no conversation about the future (your partner does not play an important role in the big scheme of things), then your relationship may be inching closer to its end. 

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