Signs You Are In The Wrong Relationship
Signs You Are In The Wrong Relationship

Here are five red flags that should be a cause of concern for any relationship.

If you think you’ve put in all the efforts and it still isn’t working out, it’s definitely time you face the harsh truth. Here are five red flags that should be a cause for concern for any relationship. Take a look.  


Your partner wants you to change


If you think you aren’t what you used to be, then maybe there is a need to introspect. If your partner wishes to change you or any part of your personality, then he or she isn’t in love with you in the first place. You need to be with someone who appreciates you and cherishes all the differences of opinion rather than turning you into his or her clone.



You don’t have a clue what your partner is up to when she isn’t around


You’ve been calling her up and she doesn’t pick. Moreover, she hesitates to tell you what she’s been up to lately. Of course, giving each other space is what a healthy relationship is all about. But if you think your partner has been hiding all along, then maybe you both need to indulge in a healthy conversation that’ll help you figure out where the relationship is heading.   


Your partner makes all the relationship decisions


If your partner calls all the shots as per his or her convenience, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship.


Your partner controls who you meet and what you do


One of the biggest red flags in a relationship is when your partner decides what is best for you. That means keeping a track of your finances, controlling your time with your friends, and more. Basically, someone who treats you like a video game with a remote control in their hands is definitely a sign you’re in the wrong relationship.



Your partner wants more “me” time


Well, one of the most essential elements of being in a relationship is the amount of “we” time everyone craves for. But lately, if your partner has been craving more and more space, or  “me” time, then it’s time for a conversation regarding where the relationship is heading. 

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