"Snuggle-Time Is Our Favourite Time" - Shenaz Treasurywala Dishes Out Advice For Men
“Snuggle-Time Is Our Favourite Time” – Shenaz Treasurywala Dishes Out Advice For Men

“We love kisses, hugs, hand holding and everything affectionate,” she adds.

We caught up with actor and TV host Shenaz Treasurywala to learn about things that all men should keep in mind about women. 


■ Vanity is the biggest turn off in a man. If your Instagram and Facebook pages are full of selfies shot from different angles, we’re more turned off than on.


■ We like men to be men – rough hands, stubble (not beards), big muscles and not taking more than three minutes to get dressed is hot. Perfectly groomed men are not sexy. You don’t need to wax or shave your body for us. That’s too much, and it’s prickly.


■ Even if you’re the hottest looking guy, if you give your phone more love than your woman, you will eventually lose her.


■ Snuggle-time is our favourite time. We love kisses, hugs, hand holding and everything affectionate.


■ I notice men get lazy with sex in long-term relationships. Please note that we love sex and especially when in a relationship, we want it more. Yes, some of us want it every day, most times more often than you do. We also would like it to be different and more exciting as well. Just like you, variety is sexy to us.


■ While we will suggest sex, most of us prefer it when you initiate it. It’s not fun for us to be asking for it from our boyfriends or husbands. It’s the same as being single – we enjoy being chased or pursued, and you enjoy chasing.


■ When we are in our teens and 20s, our libido is not even a quarter of what it is after we hit 30, and it keeps getting hotter. The older we get, the more we are like teenage boys when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, it’s the other way around for you men. So work out, keep up with us, and don’t let it all hang loose and become an old fart on us.


■ While we appreciate honesty in a man, we do not like brutal honesty. If you’re being more brutal than honest, that’s a problem.


■ We like to feel needed. Most of us respond to words, so if you tell us you need us and appreciate us, we believe you. If you’re all too self-sufficient, we feel that we are not required and will eventually move on.


■ While we don’t mind paying the bill, we like to know you can. It just makes us feel that you can take care of us and eventually our babies or family, even though we are perfectly able to take care of ourselves and our babies.


■ It may be easy to woo us, but if you want to keep us, keep the conversation flowing. Be interesting. Stay fun and adventurous. Talk to us about your day. Be interested in ours. Listen. We don’t want your money or gifts; most times we just want your attention and ears.


■ Small things never go unnoticed with a woman. A little kiss on the neck, putting your arm around us.


■ We hate your phone. We don’t trust it.

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