5 Fights We Would Like To See Between Athletes


To our utter amazement, Manchester United player Zlatan Ibrahomovic recently claimed that he was sick of all the hype surrounding the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. He also added that if he ever got into a fight with them, he would send them both to hospital. We don’t know if that’ll be true. But, thank god for wishful thinking. We’re indulging in it ourselves, by listing out some hypothetical fights we would like to see between supreme athletes.


Zlatan Ibrahamovic vs Cristiano Ronaldo



Both Zlatan and Cristiano are among the fittest in football, and their desire to win at all costs will make this fight a treat for fans. Though Zlatan has an advantage when it comes to height, Cristiano doesn’t look like a man who can be pushed away easily.


Shane Watson vs Ben Stokes



Probably, a wrestling version of The Ashes, this fight between Shane Watson and Ben Stokes will be a treat for sore eyes. Both cricketers are tall, bulky and look to be loaded with strength. One thing that will work in favour of Stokes is that Watson is past his prime. That doesn’t mean he can’t pack a strong punch or two.


Rafael Nadal vs Andy Murray



Those rippling biceps of Rafael Nadal can intimidate most athletes around the world, and his ability to hit strong forehands will come in handy in wrestling too. Who better to face him than the reigning World No. 1 Andy Murray, who we know fought with his brother for fake championship belts as a kid.


Kieron Pollard vs Mitchell Starc



The two had an on-field altercation during IPL 2014, where Pollard even lifted his bat in anger but did not cause any physical harm. We would like them to bury the hatchet, and channelize all their energy in a real fight.


Virat Kohli vs Shahid Afridi



There’s something about Indo-Pak rivalry that gets our blood running, and this fight between Virat Kohli and Shahid Afridi will be a blockbuster if it appears on TV. You might think Virat will have it easy against Afridi, but don’t count the Pakistani all-rounder out since he has got Pathan blood running through his veins.

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