5 Next Gen WWE Women We’re Crushing On

Even though they are very good-looking, they have some super human levels of athleticism in order to be able to pull off the moves that they do.

As 90s kids, we remember having crushes on WWE divas like Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Sable. Watching their matches would be fun, and even though they were very good-looking, they had some super human levels of athleticism in order to be able to pull off the moves that they did. Also, taking all that battering wouldn’t have been a piece of cake. 


This generation’s women (including a presenter) aren’t far behind, and in case you’re not following the show, these are the women you should know more about. 


Alexa Bliss



The 5 foot 1 inch wrestler has got plenty of attitude packed in her wrestling, and was into a wide range of sports before getting into WWE — softball, kickboxing, professional bodybuilding and gymnastics. All those skills are coming into play at the moment where she is the Women’s Champion. 


Charlotte Flair



Charlotte Flair has got wrestling in her blood, since she is the daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair. She is the current holder of WWE Smack Down Women’s Championship, and her superb levels of athleticisism is what earns her a place on this list. 




Brie Bella



Brie is known not just for her ace wrestling moves, but also for her appearance on a reality show Total Divas alongside her sister Nikki Bella. “From starting at developmental, Nattie was one of the ones to help me start wrestling, to getting on the road. Victoria, being my debut match and saying, “Hey, kid. I’ll get you through these first matches you have on TV.”. And, my sister, Nikki, just being the best darnn tag partner you could ever have to work with. And Trish Stratus, to Lita, to what the division is now with Sasha and Becky and Charlotte and Paige,”  she told WWE.com when asked about her influences as a wrestler. 


Cathy Kelly



Extremely pretty and with a bold voice, it’s hard not to have a huge crush on Cathy Kelly. She is a member of the Mensa International, which is a congregation of high IQ individuals. She has been a part of WWE since 2016, and we hope that she stays for years to come. 







From Russia, and part of a wealthy family, Lana’s got plenty of education as compared to the other women on WWE. She lives by the philosophy that no mountain is too high to climb, and is married to wrestler Rusev. 

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