5 Reasons Why The Adidas Nemeziz Is Any Footballer’s Best Friend
5 Reasons Why The Adidas Nemeziz Is Any Footballer’s Best Friend

The NEMEZIZ offers you unmatched comfort and performance while having an eye-catching design

Adidas’ NEMEZIZ series of boots have always been the preferred choice for footballers. The iconic boot has evolved over the years to be the most perfect version of itself. 


Take a look at five reasons why the Adidas NEMEZIZ should be the next boot you take to the field:




Amazing Grip and Control


Adidas’ Tension Tape allows the player to be comfortable and agile at the same time. This split outsole is integrated with the Torsion System technology, which helps keep you centred and balanced no matter how aggressively you move.




Allows For Excellent Stop Brake Start


Once again, the Tension Tape technology maximises acceleration and allows you to make quick changes in direction without putting any pressure on your foot and ensuring you stay ahead of anyone else on the pitch.







Supremely Comfortable


The new V-shaped tape collar on the boot offers an easy entry and a perfect wrap around the ankle that doesn’t limit movement. 




Eye-Catching Design


If you take these to the field, you’re definitely going to attract some eyes. The design is non-fussy and sleek, making it easy-to-wear. 




The Perfect Companion For Your Feet


The NEMEZIZ is great for your feet. It takes the stress and pressures off the foot while running and allows the player to have immense control without feeling any strain.

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