Alyssa Healy Gets Brutally Trolled For Taking A Dig At Indian Fans For CWG Defeat
Fans Slam Alyssa Healy For Dissing Indian Fans After CWG 2022 Defeat

Healy responded to the trolls with another tweet.

A day after Australia thrashed India in the final of Commonwealth Games 2022, their star player Alyssa Healy took a subtle dig at Indian fans on Twitter. Healy’s post was a response to the outrage against her team for playing the COVID-19 positive player in the game.


Tahlia McGrath tested positive for COVID-19 an hour before the game, and yet she was allowed to take the field. McGrath scored two runs while fielded for entire innings and fielded with her face mask on but was allowed to even celebrate with her teammates.

“We didn’t want to get in trouble, we felt bad for Tahlia at the end there. Obviously when you’re part of a game that’s so thrilling like that, that’s all you want to do [is celebrate] and at the end screw it, if we get Covid, so be it,” told Megan Schutt, the Australian pacer, to the Guardian.

The decision to persist with a COVID-19-affected person, despite having too many alternatives on the bench, didn’t go down well with many. The Indian fans questioned the move, claiming that the Australian team would have simply refused to play had India decided to include an infected player. Many even compared it to the Novak Djokovic incident, when the Serbian was deported from Australia earlier this year. 

Healy posted a picture of a boat named “salty”, aiming toward the Indian fans. 

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One user wrote, “I have not seen a more classless, shameless attention wh*ring cricketer than Alyssa Healy ever. She is the only cricketer who jumps into online banter between fans, journalists etc. P.S. Once WIPL starts, she will start liking Indian food, culture & hospitality!”.
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A few hours ago, Healy responded to the trolls with another tweet in which she clarified the tweet wasn’t related to the CWG final. She wrote, ” Relax everyone. It’s a photo of a boat in the water with the name Salty. I thought it was clever. Stop trying to read anything other into it. But if it makes you feel better to reply cruelly go nuts. Water off a ducks back!”


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Lead Image: Alyssa Healy/Instagram


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