Anna Kournikova: Every 90s Kid's First Tennis Crush

Even if you didn’t come from a traditionally tennis-loving family, you would have sure tuned in your TV sets during the late 90s because of a particular Russian teen sensation called Anna Kournikova. 


The years have gone by — her career saw many ups and downs before ending prematurely — but one thing hasn’t changed. She continues to take our breaths away with her gingerly mix of sexiness and cute innocence. She turns 37 this Thursday and it would only be fitting to pay tribute to the days of her yore.

At the peak of her fame, Kournikova was one of the top-most searches on Google. It’s testimony to the fame that she achieved despite never winning a singles title in her career.

Her highest singles ranking was No 8, but she attained greater heights as a doubles player, especially during her partnership with legendary tennis player Martina Hingis. 

The duo won Grand Slam titles in Australia in 1999 and 2002, and the WTA Championships in 1999 and 2000. They referred to themselves as the “Spice Girls of Tennis”.

But unfortunately, Kournikova’s professional tennis career ended at the age of 21 due to serious back and spinal problems, including a herniated disk. Her rumoured affair with the ‘King of Latin Pop’ Enrique Iglesias though kept her at the centre of media attention.

In addition to tennis charity, Kournikova serves as a Global Ambassador for Population Services International’s “Five & Alive” program, which addresses health crises facing children under the age of five and their families.

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More recently, she gave birth to twins Nicholas and Lucy, with Enrique in December last year. The duo have reportedly stayed together through almost a decade and a half, but have refused to tie the knot in separate interview.


Moreover, the couple are extremely private, rarely being photographed together.

But her Instagram keeps us updated about the beau as well as the kids now. Here’s a cute video of the new mother still giving us goals after all these years.

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Happy birthday Anna! We love you!


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