Barcelona Leaves Liverpool Red-Faced After A Triumphant 3-0 Win
Barcelona Leaves Liverpool Red-Faced After A Triumphant 3-0 Win

Mohamed Salah missed two amazing opportunities that could have helped turn the match around

The man in the number 10 jersey never fails to amaze any of us. Messi’s performance at the Nou Camp was just one of the many instances where he proved his worth.


FCB’s handsome 3-0 win killed the tie and pushed the team closer to a Champions League final for the first time in four years. At the 26th minute, we witnessed an amazing goal from the former-Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez.




The second goal was in the second half at the 75th minute, which was an unbelievable angled free-kick by none other than Messi himself. Even after acquiring a comfortable lead, Messi still went for more. His second goal in the match was not only advantageous for FCB, but also historic, as his second goal in the match was his 600th goal for the club. The goal not only pushed Barcelona one step further towards the UEFA Champions League trophy, but also cemented Messi’s legacy in the history of Barcelona. 




Liverpool’s attempts were constantly guarded. In an entertaining first half, Philippe Coutinho attempted to strike an early blow to his former side, but his 16th-minute strike was flagged down to be offside. 


The match was filled with a lot of Liverpool close calls, but eventually, Messi and his teammates managed to secure themselves in this semi-final match.  

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