Chris Gayle Might Be Collaborating With Emiway Bantai Again
Chris Gayle And Emiway Bantai, Once Again? Universe Boss Drops Videos With The Rapper

Almost a year ago, Emiway and Gayle were part of a collab project titled “Jamaica To India”

Chris Gayle shared a series of stories on Instagram, where he is seen chilling with Indian rapper Emiway Bantai at the latter’s flat in Navi Mumbai. While Gayle hasn’t yet announced his retirement from cricket, he seems to have already started working on plan B—and that is making a name in the hip-hop scene.


“More music is on the way for sure and definitely more cricket to be played as well. Right now both music and sports give me joy so I will continue to balance both,” Gayle told Dancehall.

Gayle has earlier talked about the importance of music in Jamaican culture, and he has grown up listening to Bob Marley’s reggae. During a football match at Anfield, Gayle was heard singing Marley’s “Three Little Birds” along with the crowd.


“I find it very enjoyable. I’ve grown up surrounded by music and sport; it’s a big part of our Jamaican culture and it’s in our blood,” Gayle was said an earlier interview.

The Universe Boss gave voice to “Wack We A Wack” for the self-owned label, Triple Century record. He was seen grooving on this song along with Emiway.

Meanwhile, Emiway, whose name is a portmanteau of Eminem and Lil Wayne, is the poster boy of the Indian hip-hop scene. He is also quite fond of sports, and was seen posing with Kylian Mbappe and Neymar at Parc des Princes. 

Almost a year ago, Emiway and Gayle were part of a collab project titled “Jamaica To India”, which became a massive hit, raking up over 5 crore views on YouTube.

Buoyed by the success, the duo might be tempted to record another collab project. One fan speculated that they might be making a diss track on another Indian rapper Krsna, who was recently involved in a feud with Emiway.


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