Dear Kuldeep Yadav, Arrogance Is The Last Thing You Need At This Point In Your Career
Dear Kuldeep Yadav, Arrogance Is The Last Thing You Need At This Point In Your Career

Even if these things are fine in the dressing room, you can’t say them in public.

Dear Kuldeep Yadav,


Just today, we read about how you think you can dismiss David Warner anytime you want. Probably, it’s a mind game to make sure that Warner doesn’t find his A-Game. Probably, he is actually as uncomfortable as a fish outside water in front of you. 


Whatever be the case, you don’t go out and make such statements in public. Not only does it set a wrong example, but you’ll have serious egg on your face if David Warner does actually manage to dispatch you for runs. He is an accomplished batsman with a lot of hundreds, and he isn’t alien to Indian conditions as well. Considering he’s captained Sun Risers Hyderabad to IPL glory. 


Also, there is a possibility of you missing your line and length due to lack of concentration. It happens to the best of players, and it will happen to you too. It’s not easiest of things, being a chinaman.


Also, it’s one thing to say that about a newcomer. Entirely another to say this about David Warner – a man with 33 international centuries. Also, being an Australian, he is an expert at sledging. He can say the exact things that will demoralize you, and make you feel inept. Probably mess with your accuracy. Cricket is a great leveller, it’s said. 


You’re not experienced enough. You’ve played 2 Tests, he’s played 66. You’ve played 8 ODIs, he’s played 97. Hell, you’re not even a regular part of the first team. First cement your place in the side. Even after that, don’t say such things in public. In the dressing room it’s fine. 


“No matter that we may mount on stilts, we still must walk on our own legs. And on the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom,” said Michel de Montaigne, a French Renaissance writer.


Indeed, something that you should stick on your wall Kuldeep. If you really believe that Warner is uncomfortable against you, get him out in the first over you bowl to him in every opportunity you get. People themselves will say that you can get Warner out anytime you want. You don’t have to blow your own trumpet, when so many eyes are on you. 

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