Elon Musk Tweets About Buying Manchester United; Chalks It Off As A Joke Later
Elon Musk Jokes About Buying Manchester United

As if Manchester United needed more drama at this stage!

To further hit home the point that things can get worse for Manchester United, the world’s richest person Elon Musk has shown interest in buying the premier league club. This news comes after Musk announced his intentions of buying Twitter, around four months ago for $44 billion. 


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But before anyone gets their hopes high, the billionaire made it clear four hours later that he was joking about it and that “he has no intention of buying a sports team.” Regardless though, Musk has been known for making controversial statements over the micro-blogging site. 


Even during this particular instance, the billionaire was responding to himself on a tweet which read, “To be clear, I support the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party!”

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Despite confirming that he will not be investing in the football club, it might’ve proven a cheaper investment for Musk as compared to his infamous Twitter acquisition. As of now, Manchester United is worth around the $2.08 billion mark, which is remarkably less than what the billionaire might have to shell out for his Twitter deal. 


The premier league club, which boats of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes have been struggling to gain momentum, ever since Sir Alex Fergusson retired as its manager back in 2013. The frustration has led to many fans urging Musk on Twitter to buy out the club from the Glazer family, who have long been accused of pushing it into dire straits. 

So when Musk initially announced his plans of buying the club, here’s how the fans reacted. 

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