The Five Best Moments From The India Vs Pakistan Match
The Five Best Moments From The India Vs Pakistan Match

From Rohit Sharma’s 140 to Kuldeep Yadav’s stunning wicket

The Five Best Moments From The India Vs Pakistan Match In Case You Missed It


This was a match that everyone was waiting for. Two countries who have had a serious sense of rivalry for the longest time, went head-to-head on the World Cup stage. But in the end, India emerged victorious quite easily. Rohit Sharma’s 140 and Kuldeep Yadav’s key wickets placed India at an advantageous position against Pakistan. Take a look at five of the best moments from the India vs Pakistan match.




KL Rahul’s Smashes Through




The opening batsman proved why he was fit to be one of the openers for this match by constantly swinging at Pakistan’s bowlers. Rahul let the crowd enjoy a bunch of boundaries and sixes. Unfortunately, he was taken out after he scored his half-century, but Rohit Sharma kept the show going.




Rohit Sharma’s Incredible 140




Rohit Sharma put on a show with his performance. He was taken out by a fielder who was right behind him, who Sharma didn’t seem to notice. The batsman was livid because of his mistake, but he contributed heavily by putting a score of 140 on the scoreboard. 




Vijay Shankar’s First Wicket




Just four overs in, and Vijay Shankar took out a heavy-hitter like Imam. Shankar replaced Bhuvneshwar Kumar after a hamstring injury and didn’t disappoint one bit. 




Kuldeep Yadav Strikes Out Of Nowhere




Kuldeep Yadav came in at the 23rd over with a mission to take out Babar with just two runs away from his half-century. The spinner’s ball incredibly made its way through Babar’s bat and leg to hit the stumps perfectly. 




Hardik Pandya’s Speed And Aggression




Hardik Pandya came in with the speed of a cheetah and bowled with the aggression of a lion. The all-rounder couldn’t make a mark while batting but took out two wickets during the match. But Shoaib Malik’s wicket was just beautiful. Pandya came in like a rocket and forced Malik’s bat to navigate the ball towards the stumps, taking himself out in the process. 






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