Five Times 'Captain Cool' aka MS Dhoni Lost His Cool
Five Times ‘Captain Cool’ aka MS Dhoni Lost His Cool

Did you know that Dhoni once got angry because he was denied biriyani?

It is normal to lose patience when you are under a hell amount of pressure. It’s not easy to lead and coordinate a team without getting hot-headed every once in a while. Even though Dhoni works effortlessly under pressure, there are times when we are genuinely worried about the opponent and sometimes even his own team. 


Here are some instances where the otherwise calm and composed MS Dhoni, lost his cool on the field:




When Yuvraj missed the second run


During the 2011 World Cup Final, when India needed 22 runs for victory, Dhoni got extremely mad at Yuvraj when he did not take the second run. Nuwan Kulasekara was bowling when Dhoni smashed the ball. After the hit, Dhoni was expecting to score some runs and was not pleased when Yuvraj refused to take the second run. Even though there was no time for it, Dhoni was not at all happy being stuck on the other end of the field. 




When the fielders weren’t attentive enough 


In 2012, during the Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings match, CSK had plenty of runs on the board to take it easy thanks to Murali Vijay’s century. But Dhoni did not want his team to act like smugs and lose focus from the game. So when he was trying to move the fielders, he got extremely exasperated when he couldn’t get the attention of one of the fielders. It could also have stemmed from the fact that he failed to hold the wide slow delivery bowled by Dwayne Bravo. 




When Jadeja was slow on the field 


During the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals match in Chennai, CSK’s Dwayne Bravo was bowling and during the last over, RR needed 27 runs to win. Chris Morris hit the first ball of the over hoping to hit a six but it ended up being a no-ball since it was a waist high full toss. The next ball was a mid-wicket and Jadeja let him score for a second run which made Dhoni extremely furious and gave Jadeja a death stare, but was subtle about it. 




When the umpire made the wrong decision 


During the India Australia ODI tri-series (2011 – 2012) in Brisbane, the third umpire misjudged and declared Mike Hussy to be ‘Out’ when he actually wasn’t. Suresh Raina was bowling when Mike Hussey was called out for stumping and the third empire stepped in. Mike Hussey was called back on the field by the on-field empires right after he was sent back to the stands. Amidst all the confusion, Dhoni stormed on the field to talk to the umpires. He was told that ‘Out’ appeared on the screen due to a technical glitch and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Dhoni still seemed pretty enraged over the whole situation and was not pleased by the decision.




When he was denied some Biriyani


This is probably the most relatable reason for getting angry. We’re completely on Dhoni’s side for this one. When you’re continuously travelling, one thing you crave is a proper home-cooked meal. Dhoni is no different. During his stay at Hotel Grand Kakatiya in Hyderabad in 2014 when the Champions League T20 was going on, the entire CSK team was refused to have home-cooked biryani. This naturally did not please Dhoni and he ended up cancelling his and the entire team’s booking and moving to a rival luxury hotel. Not just that, he made the team management and BCCI officials move as well. You definitely shouldn’t mess around with a man and his biriyani.






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