Lionel Messi's Emotional Response To Sergio Aguero's Twitch Is Wholesome
Lionel Messi’s Emotional Response On Sergio Aguero’s Twitch Gave Us A Peek At Their Bromance

Aguero has accompanied Messi in all three World Cups from 2010 to 2018

Ahead of the quarter-final tie against the Netherlands in the World Cup 2022, Argentina’s talisman Lionel Messi joined his old friend Sergio Aguero on Twitch Livestream. Aguero accompanied Messi in all three World Cups from 2010 to 2018, and he should have been there in Qatar if not for the heart disease that forced him to retire last year.


Messi and Aguero were on the radar of elite clubs since their childhood, and both of them have shared a room on international duty. Aguero joined Barcelona last year after Messi was forced to leave, but sadly couldn’t play a single game. When Aguero announced his retirement, Messi, in a heartwarming post, wrote, “We lived very beautiful moments and others that were not so, all of us united us more and more and made us better friends. We are going to continue living them together. With the great joy
of lifting the Copa America, all you achieved in England.”


Aguero said how he suffers a lot because of the heart ailment that brought his career to a premature end. He said, “Your victories are also for me, I suffer a lot, but I really enjoy watching you play and that you are so united. I feel like I’m with you, it makes me very happy that everything’s fine.”



“We miss you and Gio, you two are always present,” said Messi. Giovanni Lo Celso has been a vital cog of the Argentinian midfield, but couldn’t make it to the World Cup due to injury.



Messi and Aguero made fun of Papu Gomez for failing horribly in his attempt to copy David Beckham’s trimmed hairstyle. Messi joked, “Papu aimed very high, he wanted to compare himself with Beckham,” to which Aguero replied, “Papu, why don’t you get inspired by Walter Samuel’s look?”



Argentina will be up against the Netherlands in the quarter-final of the World Cup 2022. The Round of 16 clash against Australia was the 1000th match of Messi’s career, and he marked the occasion with a beautiful finish to give his team a lead.

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