Meet Julian Alvarez's Girlfriend, Against Whom Fans Have Filed A Petition To Split Up With Man City Striker
Why Do Fans Want Man City Star Julian Alvarez To Split Up With His Current Girlfriend?

The outrage sparked after she refused a group of fans to take a picture with her boyfriend

The last couple of months has seen an astronomical rise of Julian Alvarez, the Man City striker who led the charge for Argentina in the World Cup campaign. Although Alvarez wasn’t the first-choice striker for Lionel Scaloni’s team, he soon forced his way into the playing XI, after an indifferent performance from Lautaro Martinez.


The 22-year-old striker netted four goals in the World Cup, but now he is the subject of a very strange petition, from Argentina fans, which has amassed over 20,000 signatories. One fan filed a petition on, asking Alvarez to split up with his girlfriend Emilia Ferrero.

The outrage sparked after she refused a group of fans to take a picture with her boyfriend. Ferrero was heard shouting “Guys, one more photo and that’s it. We have to go” at the fans.

Alvarez and Ferrero belong to the same town in Argentina, and they are in a relationship since 2017. Ferrero is a physical education teacher and a social media influencer. She was with Alvarez for the entirety of his World Cup campaign, and wrote “I will follow you wherever you ask, I will encourage you for the rest of my life.”

Alvarez, meanwhile, has risen from obscurity to prominence in a very short time. Earlier this year, he signed up with Manchester City as a backup to the maverick Erling Haaland but has managed to impress everyone in whatever opportunities he got. But it was the World Cup that changed his destiny, and he is already one of the most famous names in his country.

Alvarez hadn’t rested much after winning the World Cup and was allowed to return after the New Year clash by the coach Pep Guardiola. But Alvarez surprised everyone by making himself available for the Friday clash against Everton, which ended in a 1-1 draw. Alvarez presented his World Cup medal to the fans at Etihad Stadium, and he is expected to get more game time going forward.

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“In the last minutes, at 1-1, we needed people in the box. That is why he played. But in the end he rested one week, 10 days – it’s not much after the World Cup final,” said Guardiola.


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