F2 Star Jehan Daruvala Gets His First Taste of a Formula 1 Car
Mumbai’s Jehan Daruvala Gets His First Taste of a Formula 1 Car This Week, Courtesy McLaren

It’s a great dayfor Indian motorsports fans

Indian racecar driver Jehan Daruvala took a crucial step forward in his already-bright career by securing a two-day test with eight-time constructors’ champions McLaren.


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At 23, Daruvala already seems set for major racing accolades with a stellar performance this year – his third behind the wheel of a Formula 2 car. Starting today, the driver will cover valuable miles at the legendary British Silverstone Circuit in the McLaren MCL35 — the very car driven by McLaren stalwarts Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris:


As part of the ‘McLaren Testing Previous Car (TPC) programme, these two days will give the young driver much-needed experience with the complex machinations of an F1 car. The top tier of racing not only factors in plenty of tech and advanced features for drivers to grasp — it also boosts an already fearsome 600 horsepower benchmark to around 1000 horsepower, forcing Daruvala to tame a car that’s over 66% more powerful than what he’s used to.

Speaking to media representatives, Daruvala seemed ecstatic at the prospect of earning enough points to attain the coveted Formula 1 ‘Super Licence’ — although he admits that the test doesn’t guarantee a class upgrade in 2023.

“This is nothing related to me getting a drive next year in Formula 1. There are not many seats opening up in F1 but I have got this opportunity to be in an F1 car and do well and if I do get the opportunity I want to be ready,” he said.

“I have never driven a Formula 1 car before. This test is for me to learn the car and its characteristics and find its limits. My aim is to win the F2 Championship and hopefully I do enough and my name is out there (to be noticed).”

“Apart from my neck, I have not done too much extra,” he admits regarding the physical training required to overcome an F1 car’s intense G-forces. “I have been busy with my racing (F2). I am generally very fit and don’t struggle that much. I will come to know at the end of the week but I have prepared my body as much as I can for the test.”

With a very competitive third-place in the drivers’ championship, Daruvala’s next F2 race set to take place in Silverstone on the 2nd of July. Looking at the future, we can’t wait to see the young talent join the likes of Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chadhok as one of the few Indian faces to have featured on Formula 1 grids.

(Featured Image Credits: @DaruvalaJehan/Twitter)

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