What Does Pro-Boxer Tyson Fury Eat To Prepare For A Fight?
Salmon, Avocado And Black Pudding: Nutritionist Reveals Tyson Fury’s Diet Ahead Of Clash Against Dillion Whyte

Highly conscious about his diet, Tyson Fury hired George Lockhart as his personal nutritionist ahead of the match.

Tyson Fury will soon be seen in action in Wembley Arena, on April 23rd, where he will defend his heavyweight champion against Dillion Whyte. Fury defended his title with two straight wins against Deontay Wilder, while Whyte earned this fight after beating Alexander Povetkin in the interim championship game.


The victory against Wilder was a turning point in Fury’s career. He defeated Wilder in the 11th round via knockout, and the game was later adjudged by “The Ring Magazine” as ‘Fight Of The Year.’

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The ‘Gypsy King’ had shed over 100lbs after making his comeback in 2018. Highly conscious about his diet, he hired George Lockhart to be his personal nutritionist ahead of the match. Lockhart has previously worked with some of the biggest names in combat sports, including UFC champion Connor McGregor. 


Fury eats four meals in a day, and his breakfast usually consists of scrambled eggs, potatoes fried in an olive oil, and lots of fruits. Lockhart has also added a Greek yogurt bowl loaded with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, as his 3pm snack.

“I thought I would be cooking for an army to feed this guy but Tyson’s not really a big eater. Calories right now, if I work the mean out it’s about 2,800 calories a day. We’re trying to shove food down his throat, to be honest during these periods of time (training camp) but 2,800 seems to be around the magic number,” Lockhart revealed.


Lockhart also ensures that the boxer eats red meat at least once a day. 

‘It’s very nutrient-dense. A lot of people look at chicken, they think it’s healthier but it is not as nutrient-dense,’ explains Lockhart. ‘Red meat, it takes longer to digest [than chicken], 100 percent. That doesn’t mean it’s not as healthy.’ 

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