Paul Pogba Gets Slammed For Rejecting Man Utd £300,000 Offer
Paul Pogba Branded A ‘Greedy Egomaniac’ After Rolls-Royce Scene From His Documentary Goes Viral

‘My thought process is to show Manchester that they made a mistake in waiting to give me a contract,’ says Pogba.

The Pogumentary, an Amazon Prime documentary on Paul Pogba, seems to have gone all out in exposing his toxic relationship with Manchester United. The tenure that came to an end this season has been marred with attacks and allegations and numerous other controversies. 


The pundits whined endlessly about his performance for the club, questioned his motivation, and amidst all, dragged his funky hairstyle to prove their points. On the other spectrum, Pogba’s supporters pinned this on the club’s deep-rooted issue for blunting the cutting edge of a player who was the driving force behind France’s resurgence.

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There was little doubt about his contract extension at the United. However, the documentary reveals otherwise: A £300,000 per week offer was rejected by Pogba last season, as he felt the amount didn’t match his reputation.


Pogba, while driving his Rolls-Royce, asks his agent Mino Raiola: “Did Manchester make a second offer?” “Yes, they absolutely want you to stay. For me, the offer doesn’t reflect that,” comes the reply. 

“I will make them understand that if they really want you to stay and they want to build a project around you, this time they have to act differently and put the money on the table,” adds Raiola, who was not convinced with £300,000 per week offer. 

Pogba, who was already getting £ 290,000 a week, didn’t like the hike. He asks Raiola: “How can a club makes such an offer if they want me to stay at any cost?”

The clip has gone viral, and many fans are questioning Paul Pogba for demanding an exorbitant salary despite having done little for the club. 

“The audacity to call 300k a week ‘nothing’, while he only had a handful of good performances just shows how far removed from reality he actually is. This is why I believe every sincere United fan is glad to see the back of the greedy overrated egomaniac,” wrote one fan.

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Some fans pointed out that Bruno Fernandes, who arrived just a couple of years ago, will retire with a much better legacy than Pogba.


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The French footballer, on the other hand, is determined to prove them wrong, saying: “My thought process is to show Manchester that they made a mistake in waiting to give me a contract. And to show other clubs that Manchester had made a mistake in not offering me a contract.”


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