Romp On: Sex At The Winter Olympics 2018
Romp On: Sex At The Winter Olympics 2018

It was noted that Tinder’s usage has gone up by a whopping 348% during the games.

It might be extremely cold in Pyeongchang, but things get hot when Olympians in the Olympic village decide to get down and dirty. In a report published in Daily Star, it was noted that Tinder’s usage has gone up by a whopping 348% during the games. After all, along with representing the country, the Olympics is also a nice place to make friends or probably even find mates for life.


Because let’s accept it: an Olympian’s life is so different from normal people. They have to watch their diet, they have to put many hours in the gym and they are under tremendous pressure as they need glory competing against the best in the world.


Cosmopolitan US did a wonderful video where athletes (from this year’s games) confessed to having sex, while some said they are staying loyal to their partners back home. “The condoms are Olympic strong,” said Andrew Kurka, a paralympic alpine skier. “It happens! Incredibly good-looking, perfect bodies, tight Spandex. Of course there’s gonna be some hooking up! Would you expect anything else!?,” said said John Daly who is representing USA.


Entering the Olympic village for athletes is quite like entering college for us. Everyone’s looking to find mates, and there are nothing but good options to choose from. “This Village will allow the athletes not only to prepare for competition, but it will also allow the athletes to enjoy the spirit of the Olympic Games and to show what the Olympic Games are about. They are about getting to know each other, they are about making friends, they are about understanding each other, they are about competing with each other, but at the same time sharing your meal and celebrating together, and this will all happen here in this place, in this Olympic Village,” IOC President Thomas Bach said.


It’s not so tough for the athletes to strike up a conversation as well. ‘What sport do you play?’ is a good enough ice-breaker. And then, since their lives revolve around athletics, they have a lot to learn from each other even when they are simply mating.

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