Skechers Throws Major Shade At Nike In Their Latest Ad
Skechers Throws Major Shade At Nike In Their Latest Ad


Skechers bought out an ad space in the Sunday edition of The New York Times, to blow fun at basketball player, Zion Williamson’s recent accident with his pair of Duke Nike PG 2.5 basketball sneakers, where the shoes ended up splitting apart from the sole while in the middle of the game.

The ad, without a doubt, takes shots at one of the world’s biggest shoe-maker by featuring a pair of Nike PG 2.5 sneakers, which have obviously been debranded, showing a split across the sole of the left shoe, exactly imitating Williamson’s shoe. Above, a slogan that says “Just Blew It”, is placed, which clearly is a dig at Nike’s signature “Just Do It” slogan. At the bottom, is the Skechers logo with a line placed below the logo that reads, “We won’t split on you.”

The ad was placed on Page 3 in the sports section of Sunday’s New York Times, which left readers both stunned and amused. But Skechers didn’t only use the NYT, one of America’s largest selling newspaper, but also placed the same ads in other renowned publications like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, reported Hypebeast.

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