Spain Coach Luis Enrique Opens Up On Players Having Sex Before World Cup 2022 Match
For Spain’s Coach Luis Enrique Sex Before Match Is Fine, But Orgy Not Allowed For Players

Sex is fine for Enrique; orgy is where he draws the line

Luis Enrique likes to do things differently. He isn’t your quintessential football manager who talks in an infuriatingly twisted way, deflects criticisms in a rather ungainly way, and makes even the most basic questions sound like he is being asked to comment on the cultural degradation of the world in the late-stage capitalism.


Moreover, Enrique doesn’t shy away from questions. He doesn’t seem to consider the fans’ concern as simply outside noise that needs to be brushed aside. He understands that the fans too have a stake in the game, and as a national coach he is answerable to them. Sorry for the slight digression but this trait of Enrique might come as a cultural shock if you are an Indian cricket fan.

Enrique decided to come live on Twitch occasionally just to interact with fans and answer their concerns about the Spanish team. On his debut as a Twitch streamer, ahead of the clash against Costa Rica, Enrique talks about the team composition, and
also decided to bunk the “myth” around False Nine. When asked about his striking options, Enrique said, “Football is full of clichés. I’m going to demolish a false myth. We don’t play with a false 9.”

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“We can play Morata, Asensio or Olmo, they all have to occupy the same area. What happens is that the characteristics of each one are different. You can call what you want, but it’s not false 9,” added Enrique.


A day later, whatever unfolded in the game wasn’t dissimilar from his comments. Alvaro Moroata, Marco Asensio, and Dani Olmo, all of them played their part, and all of them managed to ink their name on the scoresheet, as Spain thrashed the Costa Rican by 7-0.

Staying true to his words, he was back on Twitch a couple of days after the result, and this time the line of questioning was more interesting. Enrique was asked about his views on pre-match sex. It’s an intriguing topic that has fascinated every fan. The
internet is filled with content exploring the benefits of having regular sex, which includes everything from better blood circulation to a great stress booster. But most of them are written with normal humans in mind, and footballers are anything but normal beings. They are different, their job is different, and the fascination they hold in the public consciousness is different. They are stars who are seen on television, found on billboards, and heard on the radio.

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It was plausible that Enrique would face this question, and his answers would surely relieve many. Enrique said he’s fine with sex, as long as it doesn’t turn into a full-blown orgy. “It’s something I consider totally normal. I mean if you’re at an orgy the night before a match it’s not ideal. But hey,” he said.


Later on, Enrique was asked whether he has immediate plans to start OnlyFans. His response was quite funny, rooted in his unknowingness. He thinks OnlyFans is a dating app, and added that he has done that a lot in his life. Okay, Boomer! But it’s just too demanding to expect your national coach to be fully aware of every other trend that’s going around. You need to understand that he has a job, and it’s not like your regular job.

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Lead Image: Luis Enrique/Twitter


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