The Ronaldo-Madrid Love-Hate Relationship
The Ronaldo-Madrid Love-Hate Relationship

Ronaldo’s not taking the recent tax evasion accusations well. As always.

There’s something rotten in the state (of mind) of this chappie who has trademarked CR7 as a major revenue stream for himself. Admittedly amongst the top footballers the world has ever seen (though he wouldn’t make my all-time first eleven), this footballing philanthrope has a not-so-regal side to him. He’s thrown more tantrums on the pitch than I’ve had hot dinners, and some off it as well. The most recent being his petulant reaction to an investigation initiated by the Spanish tax authorities on his image-related earnings.


Cristiano Ronaldo feels that he hasn’t done anything “wrong”, and is upset that Real Madrid, and more specifically the club’s president Florentino Perez, have not supported him in this matter. At best, it smacks of the expectation of favouritism. At worst, it’s corruption, pure and simple.


Tax authorities, hated as they are the world over, have every right to investigate an individual. Sometimes they are given a reason. Other times, they do it anyway. After all, they did investigate Neymar & Lionel Messi, and showed the alleged illegality in reported earnings and the structure of agreements, and they were proved correct in both cases. No one heard either of the Barcelona colleagues bitch and moan about being treated unfairly. They quietly got on with life, and paid restitution for their alleged wrongdoings. So, is it any surprise that the lens turned on Real Madrid, and CR7, the most high profile player at the club? Sometimes, your profile works against you, but the taxman has sent a message to others in the fraternity to ensure they have their earnings examined, and have issues, if any, quietly dealt with behind the scenes, far from the glare of the media spotlight.


But not our man-child. Does he think he’s above everyone else? After all, the taxman’s reach extended all the way to the Spanish royal family, where the brother-in-law to the King has been jailed for embezzlement, tax evasion and fraud, while the Princess had to pay a six-figure fine. So you’re a way behind in the stakes, Mr Ronaldo, unpopular as the royal family may currently be in Spain.


Ronaldo has apparently made up his mind to leave Real over the unfair treatment (as he sees it). And he expects Perez to sort the issue out for him? Any such attempt must surely qualify as corruption. And does CR7 expect that tax authorities in any other country he decides to go next to welcome him with open arms and let things slide? If anything, I would’ve thought a red flag would be flying high, so much for the welcome.


You’re on a good wicket, Cristiano! No one is accusing you personally of deception. I’m sure your army of advisors have concocted various methods to minimise your tax burden (you’re probably paying a proportionately smaller share than the average taxpayer). Perhaps they explained it to you, but left out certain details or said they could handle them. You signed on the dotted line, and the taxman is absolutely within their rights to examine if these agreements and remuneration structures meet the required standards. Fight it if you must, but stop moaning. And grow a pair…





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