UEFA Euro 2016: Football Sees A Whole New Set Of Rules Being Implemented
UEFA Euro 2016: Football Sees A Whole New Set Of Rules Being Implemented

Football sees a whole new set of rules and here are ten of the most significant ones.


The UEFE Euro 2016 is finally here and football sees a whole new set of rules being implemented at the championships – over 90, in fact. Here are ten of the most significant ones.



Red Cards Before Kick-off 


There are times when players get into scraps before the game even starts. Remember Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira in 2004, in a game between Manchester United and Arsenal? Now, a referee can show a red card before the ball is kicked. Both teams will start with 11 players on the pitch, but will kick off with one substitute less.


No More “Fake” Penalty Kicks 


A pretend “pre kick”, which has become the modus operandi of many players, will not be allowed now. Penalty takers will have to follow through their shot in a single movement. The goalkeepers will be eternally grateful for this rule.


Water Breaks


Maybe this is the first good thing to have come out of the 2022 World Cup being awarded to Qatar. Players can now be allowed a brief time out to drink water, if they’re playing in extremely hot conditions.


Kick Off


Earlier, the rules stated that players had to kick off by playing the ball forward, but now they can kick it in any direction. This means the first kick of the match could lead directly back to the goalkeeper.


Early Return 


Under the current rules, if a player goes off the field to change his shirt or boots, he has to wait for the game to be stopped before returning, and only the referee could signal the player’s re-entry. The new rules state that the assistant referee or the fourth official can allow a player back on the field, without play being stopped.


Triple Punishment 


Players who prevent obvious goal scoring opportunities – like handling the ball in the box to prevent a goal, or fouling a player in a goal scoring position – will now receive triple punishment. A red card will be shown, a penalty will be awarded and a one-game suspension will also follow.



Injury Treatment 


A player had to get off the field to receive treatment, if he was injured. Under the rules, however, a player can receive treatment on the field, if his marker has been penalised with a yellow or red card.


Logo Display 


Till now, it was only in England where a club could put their logo on corner flags. However, now all clubs can showcase their logos on corner flags.


Offside Changes 


The new rules state that the offside free kick will be taken from where the offence took place, and not where the player was when he was flagged offside.


Last Man Foul 


A goalkeeper will no longer get a red card for a foul committed by him on the last player through on goal. This is a much-needed change, as earlier, opposition teams used to receive the twin advantages of a penalty kick and facing a substitute keeper.

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