Which Is The Most Well Paying Grand Slam In Men's Tennis?
Which Is The Most Well Paying Grand Slam In Men’s Tennis?

No, it’s not Wimbledon.

In terms of ATP points, all grand slams are equal – since the winner gets 2000 ranking points for winning any of the four. With Wimbledon just around the corner, a lot of people have the tendency to think that it is the most prestigious of all grand slams. Probably because it is the oldest of all grand slams and coloured clothing is not allowed – you must wear whites. Probably because everything else is country name + open – French Open, Australian Open and US Open, but Wimbledon is Wimbledon. But jokes apart, let’s take a look at the prize money to determine which is the most well paying. 


We’ll look at the prize money given to the winners and the first round exits, in order to get a clearer picture. Every amount will be converted to US Dollars. (Conversion done on July 1. Rates might fluctuate.)


Australian Open


Winner – 2,845,485 USD


First Round exit -38,452.50 USD


French Open 


Winner – 2,399,040 USD 


First Round exit – 34,272 USD




Winner – 2,898,500 USD


First Round exit – 46,112 USD


US Open (2016 figures, expected to rise this year)


Winner – 3,500,000 USD


First Round exit – 43,313 USD


It’s clear that US Open is the most well paying of all grand slams for the winners by a whooping margin (more than half a million US Dollars more than any other event). However, when it comes to players who fail to make it past Round 1, Wimbledon is the most well paying with 46,112 USD. Clearly, French Open pays the least amount, but that doesn’t mean clay court Tennis is less riveting.


All said and done, prize money is only a part of the reason why players compete. No player will put less effort while playing French Open, just because the prize money is lower.  



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