Skechers Latest Footwear Collection Is The Ideal Fit For Outdoor Adventures
Why Skechers Latest Footwear Collection Is The Ideal Fit For Outdoor Adventures

Planning a camping getaway for the weekend? Skechers has you covered.

Footwear is an essential part of your travel checklist, and it’s important that your perfect pair offers the right combination of design, comfort, and technology. Whether it is a quick trek with friends or going solo, the Skechers Outdoor collection will work for it all with its exemplary offering curated especially for travel enthusiasts.


Credits: Skechers


The Skechers Outdoor collection is suitable for all sorts of adventures, owing to its durability on uneven surfaces, water-repellent properties, and exceptional traction that can help navigate slippery or uneven terrain. Pick a pair for a staycation, or to explore a city on foot, and match them to your outfits, as they’re versatile enough to seamlessly blend with your personal style. These shoes come in smart, innovative, and sturdy designs, featuring durable outsoles as well as comfort technology. 


Combined with fashion-forward aesthetics, the collection has three types of offerings: Max Protect, Arch Fit Big Country, and Skechers Bionic Trail-Road Sector. All three cater to various travel needs, ensuring utmost utility. Let’s take a look at them below. 


Skechers Max Protect 


INR 9,999  | Credits: Skechers


The air-cooled, waterproof, mesh lace-up Skechers Max Protect shoes are a must-have for any impromptu adventure thanks to many innovative features including a Goodyear® Performance Outsole for enhanced traction, stability and durability. 


Skechers Arch Fit Big Country 


INR 8,499  | Credits: Skechers


With the innovative support of Skechers Arch Fit®, this style offers amazing comfort at every step. This trendy and travel-essential pair comes with a unique 3M® Scotchguard®, making them stain-resistant. 


Skechers Bionic Trail-Road Sector 


INR 6,799 | Credits: Skechers


Get extra support for your feet with Skechers Bionic Trail-Road Sector. A rugged pair of water-resistant sneakers with a Goodyear® Performance Outsole, these come with an Air-Cooled Memory Foam comfort insole, so you’ll feel great over any kind of terrain. 


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick your favourite and get going. 


Lead Image: Skechers

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