Why you should buy the Jawbone UP3
Why you should buy the Jawbone UP3

It might be priced a bit steeper than most counterparts, but the fitness tracker is absolutely worth it for the beautiful design and app interface

The good:


Design: First things first. The Jawbone Up3 looks absolutely fantastic. Designed by Yves Béhar, the Up3 is arguably the best-looking fitness tracker out there. It hardly, if ever, looks out of place on your wrist, whether you’re suited up, or you’re lazing in a t-shirt and shorts.


App: The new Jawbone app is exactly what a fitness-trackingshould be. It’s easy to use, and intuitive, leaving the user to do very little manually to make sure the hard hours working out, or running, are logged in. The UI is easy on the eye, and the focus on functionality helps study and understand what you’ve done (or not done) to get fit. It counts calories based on the exact kind of workout you do (as specific as elliptical or stationary bike even), and for the most Indian of dishes you eat. It’s also encouraging without being pushy. I love that it allows you to set goals, or – for folks with a sedentary lifestyle – reminders to get up and take a short walk.


Battery life: The Up3 packs a mean battery. It easily lasts a week, and a full charge cycle lasts 30 minutes – both huge wins for the band.


The not-so-good:


No display: The first, and most obvious, miss on the Up3 is the lack of a display on the band. For a band that costs around Rs 15,000, and one you’re expected to keep on your wrist all day, you’d hope it would tell you the time. Jawbone have missed a trick here, I, for one, would have loved my Up3 to be able to sync with my phone and give me text and call notifications on it.


Not waterproof: What happens to all the hard hours you spend swimming or surfing, or doing any water sport? They don’t get logged in, of course because the Up3 is splash-proof, and not waterproof.





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