'Steve Jobs' movie teaser released
‘Steve Jobs’ movie teaser released

Hollywood wants a do-over with Steve Jobs’ biopic

Remember the movie ‘Jobs’ with Ashton Kutcher playing the role of the late Steve Jobs? Exactly.


Even though Kutcher was a dead ringer for Jobs, the ‘Punk’d’ star wasn’t really able to step into the tech giant’s shoes. Which is why Hollywood has decided to take another crack at a biopic on Jobs – this time with the more bankable Michael Fassbender.

The movie, this time, is called ‘Steve Jobs’ given that the ambiguity of the last movie’s title led people to assume it was a documentary on dwindling employment figures. It’s directed by the highly talented Danny Boyle and given the brevity of the teaser we don’t know much else about the movie except that it seems a tad more authentic than the previous one.

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