5 Internet Challenges We Wish Never Existed
5 Internet Challenges We Wish Never Existed

While some of them are bizarre and stupid, others are downright dangerous

The Internet isn’t always a bad place – one has to only take a look at the comments section under Beyoncé’s Best Thing I Never Had video on Youtube to realise this. However, it is increasingly becoming evident that it’s a mess that’s gotten out of control. Take these internet challenges for instance – while some of them are bizarre and stupid, others are downright dangerous. Below, we catalogue five internet challenges we wish had never existed:


The Tide Pod Challenge

Anything for the ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’, huh? Tide Pods are detergent filled gel capsules that look like those toys children are given when they are teething. For some odd reason, certain netizens decided to kick off 2018 by intentionally eating these chemical-filled pods.


The Fire Challenge

How idiotic can people be? This challenge stipulated that individuals douse themselves in some kind of inflammable liquid and set their body on fire. Naturally, people ended up in hospitals with second and third degree burns.


The Collarbone and A4 Challenge

It’s bad enough that social media expects individuals to conform to one kind of ‘ideal’ body type but when challenges like the Collarbone and A4 Challenge turn up, it’s a whole other hell. The Collarbone challenge is all about how skinny you are – people stack coins and the like on their collarbones and feel great about themselves. The A4 Challenge is about people holding a sheet of A4 paper to their waist – if your waist is fully covered with this sheet, you’ve ‘won’ the challenge.


The Kylie Jenner Challenge

Kylie Jenner’s lips have always been a topic of mass discussion on the net. After all, the woman has made a multi-million dollar company based off of lipkits. However, so desperate were young women on the internet to get lips like Jenner’s, they resorted to inserting their lips inside glass jars and sucking the air out of it. This led to multiple reports of people emerging with bruised lips.


The Momo Challenge

The Momo Challenge has been compared to the Blue Whale challenge. It all begins with a WhatsApp message where the receiver is threatened and instructed to perform a set of tasks. One of the major threats used is doxing where the person is threatened with a future where their personal information is made public. In an interview with The Times of India, Nishat Pervez, DIG (operations) of Kolkata stated that “so far, the game has not claimed any victim, nor has anyone approached us saying they have played even the first level of it”.

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