10 best headphones to gift your special lady
10 best headphones to gift your special lady

Our criteria: headphones must be engineered to fit well, provide superb audio and look good while doing that.

It may not seem like a problem for men, but, for most women, finding a headphone that stays in the ears, doesn’t fall off the head, get the hair stuck and doesn’t look too big for the face is a real challenge. So, we have compiled a list of our favorite earphones that you could gift your special lady to end her woes.


V-Moda XS



V Moda is renowned for producing stylish, unique headphones and with XS they are going after men and women who need an on-ear headphone petite in size but big on sound and style. Featuring a range of customizable ear cup finishes and the option to laser engrave, the XS takes its looks as seriously as its audio DNA. Crafted from premium leather, the XS’s steelflex headband hugs the natural lines of your head and face, resulting in a compact and snug fit without excess pressure. The XS also features 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers, CliqFold folding hinge that allows it to fold up into a small carrying carry case and dual inputs and SharePlay with V-CORK seals. The sound is crisp and balanced – even the audiophiles will agree that it’s hard to find a complete package like the V-Moda XS.


Rs 14,990






SkullCandy Knockout



According to a research by SkullCandy, men listen with only one side of their brains, while women use both, causing them have different responses while listening to the same music. Women are able to hear lower frequency sounds that men can at low volumes. And of course the heads and ears of men and women are shaped differently. SkullCandy’s Knockout range of headphones feature a redesigned headband to fit smaller heads, along with Pureclean ear pads and custom-tuned acoustics. The headphones also look as good as they sound and come in a floral print, blue and basic black.


Price:  Rs. 5199








Harman KardonSoho Wireless



Let me admit that I have a bias for on-ear headphones. They offer a beautiful middle ground for people who find in-ear headphones uncomfortable and icky and over-the-ear headphones too bulky for their heads. And Harmon KardonSoho Wireless is an affirmation for my bias. These beautifully designed, light and compact headphones are not just style statement, they deliver serious audio. You can use them as wired headphones or in a fully wireless mode using Bluetooth 3.0. There is a touch sensor built into the right ear cup that allows you to move across tracks and change volume by simply swiping your finger across the ear cup.


Price: Rs. 14,990




BeoPlay H6



If I would go over-the-ear with my headphones, it would be for the BeoPlay H6 from Bang & Olufsen. Made of anodized high-grade aluminum, they’re extremely light, weighing a mere 230 grams — making for greater portability and comfort. The softness of the lambskin on the ear pads is the first thing you’ll notice, when you put on a BeoPlay H6. When you wear the headphone, the memory foam inside the ear pads adapts itself, ensuring great comfort. The headband is covered with cowhide leather from New Zealand that ages beautifully. Audiophiles will love the remarkably smooth, clean and robust sound that H6 offers.


Price: Rs. 32,500






Molami Bight



The Scandinavian audio company, Molami, specializes in creating sleek, easy-to-wear, design-centric headphones that are style statements. The Bight earbuds, sculpted from the finest materials such as, luxe leather, soft silks and touches of 18-carat gold, make a stunning addition to your accessories wardrobe. An innovative EarClick system secures each bud at two separate points in your ear, keeping them firmly in place but relieving pressure from the ear canal.


Price:  Rs. 14,000






Molami Pleat



Designed with fashionistas in mind, these gorgeous Napa leather headphones “complement the face and accentuate the cheekbones” according to its makers, Molami. I have to agree that it’s probably the best looking over-the-ear headphones in the market for women. Its slim and curving headband follows the lines of your face and the speakers in each cuff are adjustable (up or down) to match the location of your ears. It folds and rotates, allowing for maximum wearability and safe storage. The 40 mm drivers allow for deep bass and the sound is natural and clear. Oh, if you need a stamp of audiophile approval, Lana Del Rey owns a Pleat too.


Price: Rs. 28,500






Bose FreeStyle earbuds



If you are looking for a sporty in-ear headphone that sits gently yet securely in your ear, Bose FreeStyle earbuds are a great option. I personally don’t like earphones jammed into my ear and these buds are designed to sit loosely. But they won’t slip out because Bose’s StayHear tip, a soft, silicon wing-like piece that comes in three different sizes, holds them in place. But because of their open design, their noise cancellation is not the best. However, I think it’s a good thing for your safety if you are running on city streets. These earbuds are sweat and weather resistant and come in many fun colors.


Price: Rs. 8,550






Bose SoundTrue



Incredibly light and compact, Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones come with softly padded headband and memory foam ear cushions that stay comfortable no matter how long you keep them on. And they fold up to fit a tiny carrying case making them very travel-friendly. The sound is what you typically expect from Bose – clear, balanced and not bass-heavy. Available in many fun colors, it also comes with detachable audio cable and Apple friendly integrated inline remote.


Price: Rs 13,388






Klipsch Image S3m



If you simply want to upgrade from the unusable earphones that are bundled with most mobile phones without spending a lot of money, Klipsch Image S3s are a fantastic option. And the reason they are on this list – the Klipsch oval ear tip design that fit snugly and comfortably. The S3m offers decent noise isolation and sound quality and comes with in-line remote, microphone, three pairs of different-sized oval ear tips, clothing clip, a carrying case and 2-year warranty.


Price: Rs. 4,970






Beyerdynamic DTX-350P



If you are looking to spend a little less money on your on-ear headphones, Beyerdynamic’s  DTX-350P makes a strong candidate. Sporting average looks and a plastic construction, the DTX-350P still have a lot going for them. Lightweight and foldable for easy storage, they are very comfortable to use thanks to the nice, soft leatherette earpads. Sound quality is pretty good with powerful bass, you will be hard-pressed to find comparable sound at this price.


Price: Rs. 3,290



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