12 gizmos to up your fitness quotient
12 gizmos to up your fitness quotient

These recently launched fitness and health relat­ed gadgets and apps will help you track your progress

Basis Peak


Probably the most feature-loaded fitness monitoring device in the market today, Basis leverages four types of advanced sensors to calculate various health metrics. It features an optical blood flow sensor that captures your heart rate, a three-axis accelerometer that detects your body’s movement to measure activity and sleep quality, a perspiration monitor that gauges workout intensity through changes in sweat level and a  sensor that measures how much you’re exerting yourself by comparing your skin temperature against the ambient temperature around you. You can view some basic metrics on the band screen itself, but for personalised insights into your routine, log in to the dashboard to automatically track your activity levels (duration, steps taken, calories burned), sleep stats (duration, times awoken and sleep quality) and even resting heart rate. Price: $199



Garmin Vivofit 2


Since everyone is making fitness bands these days, so is Garmin. The Vivofit 2, however, stands out for an important reason — its user-replaceable battery will last for more than a year, freeing you from the annoying task of recharging your tracker every few days. Besides reliably tracking your physical activity and sleep patterns, the Vivofit 2 comes with a grey-on-black LCD screen that displays how many steps you’ve taken, distance travelled, calories burned, time and more. Price: $129.99



Fitbit Surge


The first smartwatch from fitness band maker Fitbit, Surge comes with eight sensors — a tri-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass, an ambient light sensor, GPS and a heart rate sensor. It delivers a host of stats, including pace, distance, elevation, calories burned, heartrate and even sport-specific metrics. It also offers multi-sport identification, which means it will pinpoint when users are running, cross-training or doing other types of workouts. Price: Rs 36,999



Suunto Ambit 3 Run


If you are serious about your running, the Suunto Ambit 3 Run is a sleek GPS watch that offers accurate speed, distance and heart rate monitor information that most of the sports bands in the market cannot match up to. Use the SuuntoMovescount App to plan your workouts, decide your route or point of interest and get voice guidance during your run. The Movescount app can also create 3D map animation movies of your journeys, complete with photos taken along the way. Price: $299



Jabra Sport Pulse


The Jabra Sport Pulse is a pair of wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones that has the ability to monitor your heart rate through your ears.  They are water, shock and dust resistant and come with an in-line remote and microphone for making cell phone calls. The heart rate data is sent directly to your connected Android phone or an iPhone, using Bluetooth.


Price: Rs. 12,999



Polar V800


Polar has been making sports watches that are extremely popular among professional and devoted athletes, and with the V800, it raises the bar for sports watches. Featuring an integrated GPS and heart rate monitor, the V800 supports multiple sports, from running, cycling and swimming to skiing and triathlon. It tracks route, distance, speed/pace and altitude (via its barometric altimeter) and combines training load with 24/7 activity data for true recovery status. Use the Polar Flow mobile app and web service to view the data and plan and analyse your training. Price: $699



Microsoft Band


It may look like another fitness band, but Microsoft has loaded its Band with 10 sensors, which include an optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, a UV sensor to keep track of your sunlight exposure, a galvanic skin sensor to measure stress and a built-in GPS. What makes this device compelling is the Microsoft Health dashboard, a cloud-based service that provides actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. And you don’t need to bring along your phone for a run — the Band records all the data, and when you return, it syncs with your phone to upload everything from your run.Price: $199



Apple Watch Sports Edition


For those of you in Apple’s ecosystem, the new Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker. It gives you a complete picture of your all-day activity, using the three rings of the Activity app that shows your daily progress and also gives you real-time stats, including heart rate readings for a variety of the most popular workouts including running. Along with its accelerometer, the Apple Watch uses GPS on your iPhone to more accurately measure distance and speed during runs — which means you need to take your phone on the run. Price: Rs 36,999



Garmin Forerunner 620


Garmin’s Forerunner range of GPS sports watches have long been popular with long distance runners, and with the 620 series, Garmin has consolidated its lead in the running watches category. This simple and comfortable watch boasts a high-resolution colour touchscreen that displays your progress in real time. It features a recovery advisor, race predictor and VO2 max estimate so you can train smarter. When used with the heart rate monitor, the 620 also gives you feedback on your running form by showing your cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation. For indoor training, the built-in accelerometer tracks distance, so you don’t need a separate foot pod. Price: Rs. 29,990



Sennheiser OCX 686G Sports


These super light headphones from Sennheiser sit comfortably on your ears and the ear hooks provide extra hold while running. The high-output drivers deliver amazing sound quality, and the innovative ear-canal coupling and cable routing work together to help reduce unwanted background noise to a minimum.


Price: Rs. 7,990



Bose SoundSport Headphones


If you are looking for earbuds that won’t constantly fall off while you are running, you will love the Bose SoundSport headphones for their secure and comfortable fit.  And they are sweat resistant – something outdoor runners will realise the benefit of. The integrated inline remote and microphone lets you control your Apple devices. Bose also provides additional ear tips with different sizes to match different ear holes, so that you can effectively block out external noise. Price: Rs. 10,013



JayBirdBlueBuds X


The BlueBuds X from JayBird are impressively small sports earphones and they are wireless. They pack an incredible 8 hours of play time, are sweat-proof and  water resistant, offer a secure fit and eliminate white noise; they also come with an inline remote and microphone for making calls. Price: Rs. 12,771


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