BMW has created the ultimate motorcycle helmet
BMW has created the ultimate motorcycle helmet

BMW is determined to make motorcycle riding cooler and safer than ever.

BMW Motorrad makes some of the world’s fastest and most sophisticated motorcycles in the world. So it goes without saying that they would always be onboard to make motorcycling safer. Their latest helmet prototype showcased at the CES 2016, happens to show us what helmet tech is going to be like very soon.


BMW’s new helmet contains a head-up-display unit which displays, albeit in an unintintrusive manner, all the vital information on the guage cluster that often causes you to glance down while riding. BMW Motorrad was the manufacturer to introduce motorcycle ABS – a technology that will soon become a mandatory feature across all motorcycles in India.


According to a report in Gizmag, companies like Intelligent Cranium, Reevu, BikeSystems have already attempted to enter the HUD market, with systems that directly feed necessary information to the rider’s helmet visor. BMW has succesfully installed another list of features here, including a camera that provides a live feed from the motorcycle’s rear while having an in-built mini-computer that’s wirelessly controlled via a controller fitted at the handlebars. With this BMW aims to enable vehicle-to-vehicle communication very soon.


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