What 2018 Has In Store For Gadget Freaks

From the next generation iPhone to 8K TV, there’s plenty to look forward to.

No industry moves and develops quite like the technology industry, and we’re expecting some big things to happen in 2018. From the next generation iPhone to 8K TV, there’s plenty to look forward to.


The Next Generation iPhone



We expect the next iPhone to be cheaper without compromising on features already present in the iPhone X. This could be done by replacing the stainless steel body with an aluminium one. So for all the Apple loyalists who haven’t yet invested in the iPhone X, 2018 may be a good year to upgrade.


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+



Samsung is known for producing some killer Android phones, and we’re eagerly awaiting the launch of their Galaxy S9 and S9+. It’s expected that the cameras will be much better than they were on S8, as it may incorporate Note 8’s dual rear cameras. Though the rumours may be wrong, we are guessing that the phone will release sometime around April next year.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9



The Note 7 was a major disaster for the South Korean giant, but they bounced back in stellar fashion with Note 8. It’s expected that Note 9 will be even better and we can expect improvements on signature features like the S Pen. You might have to wait a little bit for this one though, as it’s expected to launch in August.









So you thought 4G was fast enough to fulfil all your needs and desires when it comes to internet browsing? Wait, till you see 5G hit the market. That said, it might take some time for this technology to be available for everyone so soon, and might cost a bomb. 3GPP, the organization governing cellular standards, has already signed off the first specification of 5G in Lisbon.


Artificial Intelligence



We know Artificial Intelligence is nothing new, and you’ve already seen features like Siri which does so much of your hard work for you. Well, in the near future, artificial intelligence is set to make life even easier for you with automated mails, industrial manufacturing and content generation being some of the things it could do.


Tesla Model 3



Electric cars are here to stay considering their eco-friendly nature, and Musk has already declared the Tesla Model 3 will have an improved battery which will offer 200 miles per charge. It’ll also be more mass-centric with each car costing just $35,000.





Well, 4K is good enough for the TV sizes available now. But with 8K technology available (it’s a four fold upgrade on 4K with 7680×4320 picture resolution), you can see bigger sized TVs. A 150 inch TV might be possible, since only then will you be able to experience the full joys of 8K video.


Virtual Reality



Right now, virtual reality headsets don’t support multi-player gaming mode, so you can expect that change to take place soon. Since playing and competing with your friends is so much more phone than playing against artificial intelligence.  Facebook too will launch its own VR headset, Oculus Go, which Zuckerberg considers as the ‘most accessible VR headset yet.’

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