5 Apps To Build A Sustainable Life
5 Apps To Build A Sustainable Life

From tree planting to eco activities — there’s an app for everything

We found a way to make smartphone usage sustainable, if you catch the drift. Given that there’s an app for everything now, here are some options for you to start living a greener life





Ecomatcher App


There is no better way to be sustainable than planting trees. Thankfully, you can now do that via an app. Ecomatcher can help you plant trees anywhere in the world, or gift a tree to someone on their birthday using the app. It allows you to see the precise location of your planted tree, and also aids you to message the farmer who’s taking care of it with up-to-date information about your tree.
Download: Android, iOS





JouleBug App


Anyone who is conscious about their carbon footprint should download JouleBug right away. The app turns eco-friendly activities into competitive tasks, where people are rewarded for each eco-friendly action that they take. It also contextualises the impact of your actions by keeping a summary of how much Co2 and water you have saved, with other such details.
Download: Android, iOS


Good On You



Good On You App


Want to make informed choices the next time you buy clothes? Good On You gives you an insight into diverse clothing, footwear, and accessory brands, and their impact on labour, the environment, and animals. The certifications and accreditation of a brand can also be checked through this app. And if you find that one of your preferred brands is not environmentally conscious, they suggest other brands that match your preferences.
Download: Android, iOS





Olio App


Have extra food that is going to waste? Olio can help reduce food waste in your area. Be it food items that are nearing their expiration date in local shops or the groceries left over in your fridge, one can share it all by sharing the product on the app, and if you want to take it, you click on the request button, and it’s arranged. Just like that.
Download: Android, iOS


Blabla Car and Smartbike



BlaBla Car


Can technology make sustainable transport easier and more popular? Apparently so. BlaBla Car is a carpooling app that aids in lowering fuel consumption. SmartBike is a chain of bicycles and two-
wheelers that can be rented from the owners. Take baby steps towards making a difference, one choice at a time.
Download: Android, iOS

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