8 Great Gifts To Get Your Tech Loving Friends This Holiday Season
8 Great Gifts To Get Your Tech Loving Friends This Holiday Season

From smart lamps to speakers, here are eight gifts that would be perfect for any tech lover

‘Tis the season to be jolly and spend a bunch of money on people who deserve it.


Well, it is the gifting season and we all spend hours on the internet or circling stores looking for something our family or friends might like. But why go through all that hassle when you could just scroll through this list and pick out what you want?


There’s something for everyone in it. For the ones who loves music, for the ones who loves taking pictures and even for the ones who simply just love owning cool pieces of tech. Scroll through and maybe you’d find the perfect gift:




Acoosta Uno Portable Speakers



The thing about speakers are that they need to be connected to some source to play music, well, the Acoosta Uno doesn’t. This portable speaker comes with over 20,000 pre-loaded songs within it, that can be played anytime without being connected to the internet. There are over 50 genres and a range of International artists like Shakira and Pink Floyd, and even Indian artists like AR Rahman and RD Burman. You can still connect your phone through Bluetooth or AUX and play your own music if it isn’t already a part of the curated list of songs.


The speaker also acts as a karaoke system and comes included with a mic.


You can buy it here.






Edifier Speakers







Since we are on the topic of speakers, the Edifier range of speakers are a treat for anyone’s living room or studio. The speakers range from Bluetooth enabled small speakers to loud TV soundbars. The R1280T speakers lies right in the middle of that spectrum. 


You can buy it here.




Samsung Gear Smartwatches



Smartwatches have been around for a while now and it actually makes for the perfect gift. Doesn’t matter if the person you’re gifting it to is a fitness enthusiast or not, because nobody would say no to a smartwatch. Samsung has been at the top with their unique range of designs and even in pricing. Depending on your budget, you can go for the original Samsung Gear smartwatch, the Gear S2, or the latest Gear S3 smartwatch.


You can buy it here.




Alexa Echo Dot



If the person you’re gifting doesn’t already own a smart home hub device, the Alexa Echo Dot would be the perfect way to start them off. The possibilities of controlling your home with Alexa almost have no limits. From controlling the lights in your home, to making appointments with doctors, you can do it all. 


You can buy it here.




JBL PartyBox 300



Let it be house parties or festive celebrations, JBL’s PartyBox 300 is the perfect way to bring out the best of the occasion. With an input for instruments and even a mic, the PartyBox can even turn into your personal speaker. it comes with its own light displays that move according to the type of music being played.


You can buy it here.




HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer



For the selfie lovers who don’t want to lug around a bulky Polaroid camera, this is the perfect device. The Sprocket connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you can print any image from your phone instantly. Perfect to print out all your festive pictures right on the spot. 


You can buy it here.




NOTTI Smart Lamp



We’ve gone through smart watches, smart hubs and smart speakers, but what about a smart lamp? This would make a really cool gift if someone is really into their phones or ones who always keep their phones on silent. The lamp will light up every time you receive a notification and also acts as an alarm. Even if you remove the phone connectivity aspect from it, the device makes a really good show piece and a great mood lamp. You can adjust the colours on the lamp through a designated app.


You can buy it here.




Microsoft Surface Headphones



We’re all spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up great sounding headphones. But Microsoft’s new Surface headphones have given the biggest sound companies a run for their money. The headphone has a sleek design that gives it a premium look. The cups on either side are touch sensitive that allow you to adjust the volume, pause, play, etc. The best feature of the headphone is that you can adjust the level of noise cancellation by slowly turning a dial to either completely block out outside noise, or let in some.


You can buy it here.

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