Apple Is In Talks To Acquire EA, The Publisher Of FIFA And NBA2K
Apple, Disney And Amazon Are In The Running To Acquire EA

Could a merger with Apple save EA’s tanking reputation?

‘Tis the season for acquisition for many gaming companies out there. After Microsoft’s high-stake takeover of Blizzard, and Sony’s acquisition of Bungie in the same month, it is reported that Electronic Arts (EA) is looking for a potential buyer or a merger. 


While details are scarce, many big-name candidates like Disney and Amazon have emerged as interested parties. However, the current frontrunner appears to be Apple, with the Cupertino company reportedly already in talks with EA, according to 9to5 Mac




What many might not know is that Apple and EA sort of share the same roots with each other. Apple’s former Director of Strategy and Marketing, Trip Hawkins, left the company in 1982 to start EA Games. Adding fuel to the speculation, Apple recently announced its intention of making gaming one of its main focuses. The company launched its own gaming service, ‘Apple Arcade’ in 2019 for iOS, macOS and tvOS users. 


If the deal does go through, Apple might take ownership of many EA titles such as FIFA, NBA2K, Madden, Stars Wars and more. Although, it remains to be seen how the company might implement the Triple-A titles on its platforms. 




While EA is yet to officially confirm any of the reports, John Reseburg, spokesperson for the company did release a statement addressing the speculations. He said, “We are proud to be operating from a position of strength and growth, with a portfolio of amazing games, built around powerful IP, made by incredibly talented teams, and a network of more than half a billion players. We see a very bright future ahead.” Further adding that he would not comment on “rumours and speculation relating to M&A.”




What’s concerning though is that even if the dotted line is signed, will the U.S. government even approve the merger? For months now buyouts and mergers have been held under extra scrutiny under the Biden administration. Microsoft’s take over of Blizzard, for instance, is yet to get final approval from the Federal Trade Commission. 


But shop-talk aside, would Apple’s takeover be good for the gaming community, considering the uncertainty on how Apple will implement EA’s offerings? While EA has suffered a backlash in the past owing to a lack of innovations in its titles, it still holds the rights to many popular franchises. Which every gamer would want to go in capable hands. Whatever happens next, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. 


 (Image credits: Apple, EA)

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