Apple XR: The 3 Major Compromises That Made The Phone What It Is
Apple XR: The 3 Major Compromises That Made The Phone What It Is

All you need to know about what Apple did and didn’t include in the new XR

Apple recently announced the XS & the XS Max, but the phone that got more attention was the XR. What attracted consumers to it, was the low price. Well, it is low considering Apple.


The price starts at Rs. 76,900 for the 64 GB version, Rs. 81,900 for the 128 GB version and Rs. 91,900 for the 256 GB version.


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that, a phone that promises you the same features as the XS, but is priced lower, has to have gone through some major compromises. Well, we’ve listed out the three most important features, that went through changes, so that the company could give you this phone at this price point.




The biggest and probably the most important aspect that was changed, was the display. The XR uses a 6.1” LCD HD screen and not the OLED screens seen on the XS series. The major drawbacks that arise because of this are the viewing angles and those fat bezels on the side. Now these aren’t deal-breakers in any way. The display change between OLED & LCD can only be noticed if you’re actually really looking for it, or if you’re moving to this phone with an LCD screen, after already using an OLED screen for a long time.







The main 12 MP wide angle lens camera from the XS is retained in the XR too, but it does not come with 2 cameras at the back. This does not mean in nay way that the pictures you take will not turn out well. The only aspect that this does affect is the Portrait mode feature. Now, while taking a picture in portrait mode, the camera does not zoom in too much. So, you can capture a great picture of yourself while including those picturesque surroundings too. But this, is extremely subjective, because some people welcomed this change, while some didn’t. One major drawback of the portrait mode in the XR is that it only works on people. It does not detect animal faces. So, if you were hoping to take some amazing shots of your pets on this phone, think again.





Build Quality


The XS phones come with a stainless-steel side, while the manufacturers used Aluminium on the sides of this model. While stainless-steel is great for aesthetic purposes, Aluminium works much better when we talk about durability. So, with an aluminium side, you don’t need to worry about those scratches you’d get from the stainless-steel body.





Here’s a list of further pros and cons of the XR that might help you make an informed decision, on if you really do want to get this phone or not.





  • Comes with a great variety of colours. You can choose from yellow, blue, peach, white, black and the product red 

  • The price is considerably cheaper than the XS and XS Max

  • Comes with the same chip set seen on their flagship models

  • Doesn’t zoom in during portrait mode so you can capture wide angled pictures

  • The size of the phone seems perfect. It isn’t too small or too big. It sits right between the XS and the XS Max





  • The 512 GB option is not available on the XR

  • A headphone jack converter and a fast charger are not included in the box and will have to be bought separately

  • It uses the same glass in the back as the iPhone X, which many users complained about previously 

  • The XR does not come with 3D touch, a feature seen on iPhone models as low as the 6S

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