This Is What Apple's New iPhone XI Could Look Like
This Is What Apple’s New iPhone XI Could Look Like

The new iPhone will reportedly undergo a much-needed redesign

Apple’s same old boring releases have naturally not being doing well with the masses. Their shares dipped by 12 percent in December and their recent 2018 models have not been selling the way they expected it to. What Apple needs right now is a serious boost in its design and features and the company is planning on doing just that. along with OnLeaks acquired exclusive pictures and details of the new iPhone XI. Just like Apple’s 2018 three model release (XR, XS, XS Max), the company will reportedly continue that in 2019. The leaked images show a three camera arrangement with two cameras aligned vertically, just like previous iPhones. A third camera placed on the right and in between the two cameras. An LED flash is seen on the top and a microphone at the bottom.




According to an earlier report by Bloomberg, Apple will use long-distance 3D ToF or Time of Flight technology. The technology is currently being developed by Sony but will be used on the 2019 iPhones according to the report. ToF technology resolves distance based on the speed of light and measures the light signal between the subject and camera in each image. This will allow next-generation iPhones to create 3D maps of anything within five meters, which will prove useful in gaming and AR-related applications.


Since this is just a very early prototype, the phone could and most likely will undergo some changes till it launches in September 2019. 




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