BenQ GS50 Portable Projector Review

The new BenQ GS50 addresses the shortcomings of its predecessor and then some

It’s a routine. Almost each time there’s a projector in our testing lab, we also get one of our test soundbars ready. Except, we didn’t need that soundbar on this occasion. The BenQ GS50 is the second portable projector we’re checking out from BenQ in a post-pandemic world where projector sales have surged. One of the dampeners for the BenQ GS2 was sound quality and it set the tone for my expectations from the GS 50. What followed was a pleasant surprise and it’s not just the sound quality that we’re talking about.



Toss it in the boot


Any comparisons with the GS2 also have to factor in the launch price. The GS50 is priced more than 20,000 higher than the original launch price of the GS2 that debuted in 2021. We’ll stop our comparisons of the GS50 with its 2021 sibling at this point. At 2.3 kg, this one’s truly portable, it’s not just compact enough to throw into the boot (you can place it in the dedicated carry bag) but might sneak into one of your larger backpacks. It’s just what you need for an outdoor trip with family or your wolfpack to catch up on large screen sports action on the go. We like the design with elegant, green rubberised panels and a faux leather handle that makes it easier to cart around.



Multiple connectivity options


There’s a streaming stick that runs Android TV. BenQ had already configured our review unit that saved us the time to install this stick after placing it inside a hatch that’s slightly cumbersome to work with. Android TV is not the only connectivity option, there are multiple ports including a convenient Type-C port that allows you to connect your smartphone. I switched to Apple TV via one of the HDMI ports while using the projector.



Ready for the elements


If you’re planning an outdoor projection, you can take comfort from the IPX2 splash proof factor that protects the projector from an unexpected drizzle. It’s also drop proof (up to 2.3 feet – typically the height where you’re likely to place the projector). BenQ promises about 2.5 hours of battery life on Eco mode. Even if you don’t opt for the dimmer Eco Mode, you should manage to get through a football game or a Hollywood blockbuster on a single charge.



The perfect entertainment package


Setup is simple. This is a portable projector, so there’s no zoom or lens shift. There’s a retractable foot – an adjustable stand that offers an upward pivot position (about 15 degrees). You can also use the automatic keystone adjustment. In simple terms, the size of the screen increases or decreases with the distance. An 8.9 feet distance will give you a 100-inch screen size. This a 1080p Full HD projector with a colour rating of 500 ANSI lumens. It can play from a 4K input source and also supports HDR10 and HLG. Picture quality was great for the price and the 20,000 hour (normal mode) to 30,000 hour (on eco mode) lamp life should reassure users looking for a long term investment. More than the picture quality, it’s the sound quality that is the wow element of this projector.



The built-in 2.1 channel audio features dual 5W midrange tweeters with a powerful 10W woofer. There’s a choice of optimized sound modes, from movies to music. These speakers deliver an impressive sound stage even at half volume. It’s one reason why we believe the BenQ GS 50 is one of the best portable projectors you can buy under Rs 1 lakh


The BenQ GS50 costs Rs 82,618

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